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  • jimacostaPark police now using barricades dumped in front of WH to push back protesters

  • thejennaryanshowWe have the constitutional right to protest!!! Exercise your rights!!!
  • lagishProtest the shutdown and political games. Make congress and President give back their pay til shutdown ends.
  • joeysicholLooks like the Brooks Bros. Mob during the Florida election recount.
  • summerlee1022It's not tea partiers! It's vets and angry Americans tired of the crap the POTUS is pulling. Listen to them...look at them! Please post the correct information about what is going on up there.
  • herbic07Wish I was there! Power to the people!
  • sonsofsammcWe were there for a national call to duty yesterday so wish we could of stayed for this
  • societyisaliePush back!! We the people out number the sheep!!
  • ladee_ciciThanks for posting this, this is absolutely Crap the way these wonderful vets are being treated.
  • ladee_cici@sonsofsammc thank you for posting all of your pics yesterday :-)
  • sonsofsammcNo problem thank you for following
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