Joe made his special pancakes this morning:-) recipe is in #loveitalianstyle
  • melissagorgaJoe made his special pancakes this morning:-) recipe is in #loveitalianstyle

  • rainpreddieSoon she will be coming out with a cook book. SMH
  • camato_xo@melissagorga its so funny how often u guys eat pancakes... 😂
  • chrysaudinoWhat is the make and pattern of the gorgeous plate?
  • rebeccatanghe@melissagorga you gonna have that nasty cheating whore puss face on the Reunion Show? CockyDickSuckin'Whore! You were my Favorite, now your just THIRSTY for Fame&Dick! Can't wait to tell it to your face at you upcoming book signing!
  • nrblanco@_rebelove143_ geez you aren't a nice person , you are caring too much about someone you don't know. Those are horrible words to use
  • mialovehim75iGeeze some people are just so awful get off her shit if u don't like her u pig @_rebelove143_
  • myzahnaHow do you eat all this yummy food and stay so thin?
  • flaca_paisa@melissagorga u Nasty whore.... I hope ur man cheats on u.... Once a hoe always a hoe. Go back to the pole u lying ugly bitch
  • 1momx3Lol @_rebelove143_ well said!!!
  • cheesecake1111Why are you pigs on her shit,if you don't like her, get a life,haters
  • curlyloxWomen are so nasty to each other no solidarity whatsoever - seriously u make yourself look really awful - if u don't like her then move on I'm sure you're no saint
  • cherylie19Omg you Girls are F'n Crazy!!! Its all rehearsed! Bravo pays them to say whatever they want them to! You bitches need a damn LiFE!!!!
  • shontae035She was talking about pancakes.why all the negativity?love her and her husband.keep doing what y'all do
  • 3badboysWhy do idiots take the time to make nasty comments if they don't like Melissa Gorga. Don't look at her pics morons!!!!
  • jarizzi64What a sweet hubby you have. Those pancakes were all theore special because he made them for you. I love you guys!
  • amintab@melissagorga I'm sad for you for all of the negativity on here. Maybe you should turn off the comments?! But those pancakes look amazing! I love it when my hubs makes breakfast. Special no matter what he makes. :)
  • nagurova😋Вкусно...
  • shandline@melissagorga "When a grown women is treated like a child, her potential is lost" ~ Melissa Gorga Very good book! I'm enjoying it
  • 100sonlyFat ppl food that you don't eat ☝tisk tisk.
  • tee_rickusAnd how would you know 👆 #creep
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