Bercy Sx whoop whoop!
  • treycanardBercy Sx whoop whoop!

  • broussard_30Is it going to be televised? @treycanard
  • krj_5Ur so awesome canard and I was wondering I am trying to get back into riding but we don't have that much money so we can't go to the track so I was wondering if u could give me some ideas on what to put for the home track please 😁😁
  • conner_ogden311What up Ronnie Mac hahah
  • joedaddy826Trey you going to the monster cup??
  • jamminjordyHey trey, although I don't ride anymore I still do bmx. You're a huge insperation to me and many more. I love to watch you ride and I think your awesome.
  • jonbond527@treycanard hey are you looking for a practice bike guy for this season by chance? I can also help with track prep, I have a solid list of references, I'm willing to stay anywhere in the US. Ill devote my life to the program, if you are looking for someone please let me know and ill shoot you my email, thanks for your time.. Jon.. @treycanard
  • b_m_g_13@treycanard just watched your movie on YouTube #revival41. Awesome movie. Very inspiring. I am def a huge fan before and after watching.
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