David Ortiz is 7-for-10 in the #WorldSeries. @RedSox, @Cardinals all tied up in Game 4.
  • mlbDavid Ortiz is 7-for-10 in the #WorldSeries. @RedSox, @Cardinals all tied up in Game 4.

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  • brandon_j_ross@dolphins2k13 I don't know why celebrating has to do with class. He didn't point at the pitcher or anything he celebrated on his own until he met his teammates at home. It was a pivotal moment of the series. The way Uehara has been throwing it gave them a huge upper hand and 2-2 vs. 3-1 having to play another game on the road is a huge turnaround. It allows Lester to get his full rest and throw at home. If that's not worth celebrating the may as well play the whole game straight faced.
  • dolphins2k13@brandon_j_ross It has gone overboard in my opinion. Adrian Gonzalez for instance looks like a bigger doofus celebrating key hits in what ended up being a 4-2 loss. Players today celebrate for anything. I'll use 2 closers as my example. Fernando Rodney has about 50 saves and celebrates each one like he's auditioning for Hunger Games by shooting fake arrows. Mariano Rivera on the other hand has 652 saves and celebrates his by simply shaking his catchers hand.
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  • dolphins2k13@ktakatch17 Exactly. This trend of the last few years of celebrating like fools is going overboard. I'm a Dodger fan and I'll call out Puig for staring at balls that don't even clear the fence and Gonzalez, who I thought had more class, for the damn Mickey Mouse ears. How embarrassing they did all that and ended up the losing team.
  • antonino_vultaggio@dolphins2k13 the only reason one would celebrate on a big hit would be to fire up the team i do that sometimes. But it's intimating when a guy just looks like its a normal outing to strike out 3 players 1,2,3
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  • dolphins2k13@ninoisbetterthaneric I see that aspect of it but how can the Sox (just using them in this example) players expect their pitchers to go inside on guys if someone from the Cardinals plunks them for acting like children. I agree about a pitcher blowing away the side in order and walking off the field "like a boss" versus dancing around like it was a big deal. Walking off says been there done that. Hitters getting a single to drive a run in shouldn't act like they just won game 7.
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  • zach_rabeHes dominican not black
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  • zach_rabeI thought u were white @_tyrone42 lol ;)
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