• instagramSince introducing video, we’ve seen movement and sound bring dance to to new dimensions. From @lilbuckdalegend's improvisational jookin' to the pirouettes of the @ballerinaproject_ to @palmyhk's break dancing, dancers have brought their choreography to life on Instagram. American dancer Jonah Bokaer (@jonah_bokaer), however, is flipping that expectation for movement on its head. He applies his background in animation and motion-capture techniques to his choreography and shares the resulting routines through a series of frozen moments.

    To create these post-by-post Instagram performances, Jonah has a multi-step process: “I create the animations first, rehearse the performance, decide and finalize the visual scenery and then have a colleague do the photography.” Some of his performances have produced over 3,000 images! To experience your own personal performance of Jonah’s work, be sure to follow @jonah_bokaer

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