I taught him that jump #cheermove #DETvDAL #baller @staff_9
  • kbstafford89I taught him that jump #cheermove #DETvDAL #baller @staff_9

  • edgardcazalGood win #9
  • niiickrsTell him he's the fucking man!!!!
  • zaviwaviMaking detroit proud
  • lilbit102What an awesome winning touchdown! You both deserve to celebrate tonight! Miss you Kelly it's been forever!!
  • jeffmociniEnjoy the bye week! What a great game! :)
  • queenn_of_the_castleYou two go have some fun! Awesome day today. Thank you NINE!
  • detroit_958Stafford you are a beast!!!! To meet this guy some day, Would be sick
  • ssgt93So proud of him. What a game!
  • kg.223_5.56MATHEW STAFFORD!!!
  • toddgreenspoonSuch a baller. Loved the passion in the spike after too. Stafford was almost as pumped as me. Like my pic kelly.
  • bigdumpskiTreat him well tonight !!!! He deserves it!!!
  • jewelermanGreat job, captain.
  • merrittfaceThat's how you lead a team to victory
  • silby72Great clutch win guys!
  • jaybird531@psfosho
  • lordmatsonHow you get to Detroit so fast? Lmao you were just in kc!
  • biggestortizfanBest QB in the nfl ... Went crazyyyyyyy with that TD stafford is getting better daily!! You guys are awesome
  • miroe0388That's his 12th game winning drive in his lions career ! Hopefully alot more to come. Happy the lions finally have a winning QB. Go lions!
  • drharleymdMatthew was really feeling them laces. I hope you ready for the 56 years of bottled up man love for a QB if he keeps playing like that.
  • dlions26#Gunslinger
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