Another full day on the #mbworldtour ! Thanks for the custom cupcakes  @gwinettearena - Fun tv interview @MelissaLong and a really great audience in #atlanta - what a show!
  • michaelbubleAnother full day on the #mbworldtour ! Thanks for the custom cupcakes @gwinettearena - Fun tv interview @MelissaLong and a really great audience in #atlanta - what a show!

  • prombough2Can't wait to see you tomorrow night!!!!!
  • bamagal015What a show is right!! Thanks for being so sweet to my little girl! She'll never forget being up there with you! You are THE BEST! Awesome night!
  • audgtigerMy husband and I had an amazing time at your show!!! Please come back to the states again soon!!! You were amazing!!! You must play our wedding song next time though lol "The Best is Yet to Come"
  • akworthGreat show in Atlanta!!! Always the best. We love you!!! Just wish we had sat closer to the stage so we could dance. Our area was "sit down" section. 😌
  • lorey518Great show, as always. You never fail to amaze!
  • bunky105I have to say that last nights show was by far the best I have seen!!! The stage was amazing! The band was fantastic... loved loved loved having the strings come in for a few songs.. And you were classy as always.. Thank you for making our date night amazing!!!!
  • csierra92You were amazing! I'm so glad to have seen your show for the first time sir! :-D
  • chattravelinggirl97@michaelbuble The show last night was FABULOUS!! Thank you!!
  • akasha_starr@chefalazydaysjam NOTHING will ever compare to the magnificent cake creation you personally gifted to Micheal!! Big shout out to Mick & Dean for that impromptu backstage adventure!
  • stephanie.walston.allison@michaelbuble the amazingly talented @gibbiblue made your cupcakes
  • simplyorganizedCan't wait to see you in Vegas. Row 9 baby....look for me! 😘
  • adrianamcav@michaelbuble, please, come to Brasil!!
  • steven__sutherland@michaelbuble your music inspires me man!!!!!! I write scripts and they set my scene haha
  • tiny.xtina:( I missed it.
  • mahfelipeCome to brasil!!!
  • candygirl128The best is yet to come, right!
  • pattygruszI'm in Atlanta concert. It's very Great make me want to drive for 5 hours to see you tomorrow night again 😂
  • ssekalMe encantas chiquititoooo
  • thetromboneninja❤️
  • michaelbublephotosCupcakes!!♥♥
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