• champagnepapiJersey

  • izzzmoneyI love you and only you .
  • cilla_baaabesLove this ❤
  • iam_melayahBob Marley - New Zealand Interview 1979 @champagnepapi
  • __gorgeouskeyi was at this concert. Lower level, Section19. But i dont wanna come off like a creep fan..But you are god in your own right when it comes to music. Because you crafted your art, mastered it, & MURDERED IT! I LOVE THE REALNESS in your music which ALOT of artist these days lack. Your the BEST RAPPER ALIVE & NO ONE can tell me different. Cus the same ones that didnt like you or said you were "soft" was the same ones booming ya latest album & quoting verses😂😸. I mean i connect to your music on a personal level & have been a day 1 fan . Taking it back to degrassi days to be technical . Buh basically i just wanna say i would really LOVE to meet you personally & i think saturday night live is maybe the chance. I dont have a ticket buh i know they do have standby tickets and you have to be on 46th at 7am. I dont know all the dets but ima travel all the way from jerz & make it happen👌. Im really hoping its worth it , i really connect to your music on such personal level..& with every verse you spit you prove why you are the GREATEST. You are legendary and left a mark on the game that will forever live and with your words you left a mark on my heart😽. Hope im able to show my love & support saturday if tickets are given😁 btw you were great on the jay lenno show..really funny
  • jreeyees.___Follow please 🙏 then my wishes would come true
  • hpeekushaWen I grow up,I wanna be a legend like u...Respect.
  • hannahfebeannasophiadeleonI love youu ♥
  • chrisq37There is no feeling better than this. I can only imagine..
  • marianam817Gosh Come back to Dallas Tx bb your amazing well i love your voice Just marry me 😍
  • leeyyyahCome Back To Chicago
  • prince__bamfo"Yeezus"
  • alphanation_@champagnepapi
  • alphanation_@champagnepapi
  • laylerrr_Lookin' like milk🍼
  • __diamondrivera@champagnepapi nigga we made it
  • sadieangel2Follow me drake. Please
  • madisonriggi@alyssariggi us
  • inezluttrellJustin bieber
  • nolita_placencia❤️ love you babes
  • tsconlinenowkeep up the hard work
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