Allan had chance to not only make it to the Fantasy Factory but got his favorite Minion signed ! @makeawishamerica #dayinthelife
  • robdyrdekAllan had chance to not only make it to the Fantasy Factory but got his favorite Minion signed ! @makeawishamerica #dayinthelife

  • gueyvetealavergaDfeghfyjhdhuh
  • rockchick2u#minions: )
  • daybreak1251@robdyrdek you are my idol...I dress like u and all.. tried to come to ridiculousness live...didn't know how...and no money...if you want to build a new safe spot skate spot...ventnot city NJ is the place,..hit me up...(what the floop...a new alternative curse word)
  • explosav@skyelor_calderon
  • julian_773Kid lightning
  • kenzievandykI love you so much .. @robdyrdek
  • kenzievandykWish I could meet you 😔 @robdyrdek
  • dakotalebeauOne lucky person As Meeting someone BIG it's never possible To make a dream come true but one one persons may be true
  • itsmecasper1014Bro you are the shit everything you touch turns to gold I used to not think so but when you got Chanel a record deal I knew you had to be magical you are the son of god and that was your greatest Miracle to date lol don't laugh out loud it might hurt Chanel's feelings just hold it in but your are the Messiah I will never question you again bromance alert I love god therefore I must love you. On a lighter note I do work at the boys and girls club in Danville il my hometown and what you do for kids all over the nation is the shit much love and RESPECT bro @robdyrdek
  • suxelanagromI would give anything in the world to meet you 😍 my friends think I'm way crazy for even thinking I could meet you one day. We celebrate Dyrdek day and you are my inspiration. just letting you know how much you effect people! I'm pretty sure you won't respond but it's all good
  • dabdeeznutsMan what id do to be on ur show!!! @robdyrdek
  • _7.z0speed_Thanks for making dyrdek day bro 😎
  • lil_lj_2001Dyrdek day all the way
  • trayce_abbott4212I was gonna like all if them but u have to many!
  • andrew_rasdallDyrdek?
  • devil1138Lucky
  • hreyna07Can I please work for u for like one day at the fantasy factory? ONE DAY! Lol 😎
  • finnmclain_7Please pick me for ur contest
  • finnmclain_7Please pick me for ur contest
  • ghostrider622I wish I was that kid
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