This is my man @jaren_bell he really put it down today at the factory.Did the very rock to fakie on a go kart!
  • robdyrdekThis is my man @jaren_bell he really put it down today at the factory.Did the very rock to fakie on a go kart!

  • wade_rouneyThat G shock! @gshock_us
  • jesso168Sick
  • adzharsyahTulah. Bg lah kat kitorg. Boleh manfaat kan deck tu. Hahah.
  • adzharsyah@ashrafzaharudin
  • westcoastdragonAwesome chair. Awesomer kid.
  • happyface_24Your such an amazing I prey someday I get to meet you @to bdyrdek
  • ihatetayloralex@nipples_of_the_north @killer_unicorn666 dat chair!
  • angieis7668TWO COOL
  • mikem304Nice work Rob keep it up.
  • _cameron.alovisi_Cool
  • jarenglassesSorry I'm late on the thank you @robdyrdek and I had a great time hope we can hang again or chat again
  • tsassmaanBro ive had 4 open heart surgeries A glen, fontan, mitral valve replaced and a pace maker. People and doctors always have tried and held me back from doing the things i want becuase of my conditions. But i never let em man!! Been riding dirtbikes, quads, bikes, wakeboards everything since i was young and i love it !!!! Because of my blood thinners they always try to hold me back from the things i love... Im actually the oldest living survivor with my condition which makes me feel proud and accomplishd . At my doctors i always talk to new patients and people who are scared about getting heart surgeries and what not. But i always am there to show them me and how im positively living with all these heart problems and that you can still live a normal life. Let nothing hold you back and to just stay positive!! I did my makeawish when i was 7 and went to disney world florida. Was one of the best week of my life. I was thinking maybe we could do somethin togather to show kids out there with serious heart/ medical conditions that nothing can hold them back and they can do anything they want. My heart condition is very serious but it has never held me back or prevented me from doin the things ive wanted to. Thanks for your time brother this is a serious inquire @robdyrdek
  • saydijoy@tsasssman I love that idea and even people with serious heart conditions don't get recognition because on the outside they seem normal and even if they are doing well they still have lots of risks. I've had 3 open heart surgeries, a stroke, and WAS paralyzed on my right side. I continue to do what I want but as I'm getting older it gets harder. I was captain of my soccer team a truly amazing thing for myself and my family. I think there needs to be something for people with serious or really any critical heart condition.
  • saydijoyLeft side *
  • ravens94richyCan that be me
  • dylanbirnbaumRob your my favorite skater
  • livingvictimsFavourite chair of all time!!
  • riely.bandssOh Rob Your my favorite celebrity :)
  • andre610@robdyrdek can I please get an alien workshop skateboard please I really want to start my skating journey and I really need a good board to start off with and I don't have the money to get a alien workshop skateboard and you are my favorite skateboarder of all time please I'm begging you thank you sir very much @robdyrdek
  • finnmclain_7Please pick me for ur contest
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