Nothing reinforces gender roles like Halloween! (And the prison thing is just weird)
  • feliciadayNothing reinforces gender roles like Halloween! (And the prison thing is just weird)

  • amydanielleg@trfisher26 oh my god can I adopt your daughter
  • icarrotveggiesSuddenly I'm all sad...
  • cm_gaviriaI'm going as Sam Winchester haha
  • tinarivetsThere are somedays I would say yes, @amydaniellegary !
  • pseudogasmFuck that, I'm a sexy kitten.
  • aka.kittybabyIm going as a trex this year... No not a slutty one. A legit big unattractive trex. =p
  • twentyfirstcenturyfaithWas just thinking about this yesterday!
  • kellykrohI've been trying to think of completely ridiculous "sexy" costumes. I think I'm going to be Sexy Abe Lincoln, complete with beard.
  • rsouersMy 3-year-old son wants to be a cat. Can't seem to find a masculine cat. Come to think about it, can't seem to find a not completely sexualized cat!
  • oddlittlebirdMy game plan is to make a horrifying realistic full werewolf costume and wear a 'sexy werewolf' costume over it.
  • leftycurse@oddlittlebird that sounds brilliant omg
  • cinntanoLove some posts going around about a woman who dresses her daughter up as historically significant women!
  • kissmembr34@rsouers have your son go as Peter criss from KISS. That's the most masculine cat out there. And you'd be the coolest parent on the block.
  • jessesgirl636@rsouers Black shirt and pants, then just get a tail and ears. Do the makeup "masculine."
  • evilthecat75I miss your long hair. Both beautiful but longer is better
  • ccamp1787Duh jail bait so wrong
  • misterbrinkzzzIt was great seeing you on Friday, and thank you for liking my supernatural tattoo. Sincerely, William
  • m4u5b41tSon working on a steampunk costume. DIY for the win! (he's 12 and unafraid to sew!)
  • sexnerdsandraOh snap, Halloween. You got called out.
  • emilysobelman@xxsonder
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