Doesn't Ted's new haircut look great?!
  • shemanenugentDoesn't Ted's new haircut look great?!

  • loganoneil69Does he think by cleaning up his look is going to win him any points towards a politcal career?! The man's a blowhard mouthpiece for a political group in the MINORITY! Good luck with that one, Mr. 'Wango -Tango'... LMAO!
  • towfurTed, you're a douche.
  • linda_lyonFor the folks posting the negative, research Ted Nugent's beliefs and morals! He would be 100 times better than what we have now, Unless of course you're one of the ones that expect free handouts.
  • hoopertrooper93YES
  • mudsock@shemanenugent Very cool! Just curious, did Ted happen to donate his long locks to "locks of love" or any organization? Thank you for sharing the photos!
  • crushrickUncle Ted for President.
  • edbanger52HAHAHA sorry Nugent, stay a pundit.
  • fairbear50Go Ted GO !
  • fairbear50NUGENT FOR PRESIDENT 2016 !
  • easternfrontIt will grow back
  • sassysharinLong hair or not he has my vote for sure ! Go Ted Go !! 😉
  • debra151Plz Ted. Grow your hair back!!! I love it short but your Ted Nugent for Christ sake!!!!
  • kiltedkevSweet, Ted! It sure doesn't diminish who you are. Had the pleasure of meeting you and Uncle Ted standing in line at Starbucks. At McCarran Airport where I work. Distinct pleasure to meet you both!
  • michaelroberts1958Ted looks like a Texas land baron now Not a Michigan Motor City Madman..... still love you Ted
  • matthewdelgaudioNOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • john_r_goodHis hair looks good, but I will always prefer the long curly hair.
  • chosenpathsNo it doesn't
  • mickvk2Ted needs to be heard. The political class is not upholding the constitution.
  • vanitys_babyYou can't polish a turd.
  • mebesuzieqNow if he could just do something about those poopy pants.
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