The auction for the #LikeGreen shoes I wore last night is live through the end of the MNF game. Please visit:
  • bmarshallThe auction for the #LikeGreen shoes I wore last night is live through the end of the MNF game. Please visit:

  • kevzdonek@stephenbunz
  • soccerrudy23@btm15 wear the orange ones... For your games... They have them....
  • misspuck@sethhenderson7 want them?
  • jessmcloud.15If I had more than $2,050 I would totally get them
  • themfjuiceman@btm15 Don't got any money to bid on those shoes..but I appreciate what u doing to bring about awareness
  • michaeljarboe@btm15 great shoes for a great cause! Thank, man. Also... thanks for the fantasy points last night. Ha!
  • shoskThx for the points. Do work!
  • chicitycubs2td shoes
  • chicitycubsLook at the edit i made u
  • k_dine🙌🙌🙏🙏 thank you so much for doing this!! My family has dealt with this silent killer. My mother is in an institution. Sooo many people take mental illness for granted. It is NOT a choice. It's an illness. Thank you for taking this stand to raise awareness!!!!!
  • jake_christophersonThank you @btm15 my brother died I'm a really big fan of you your on my fanasty team and you did AMAZING this week and you Do good every week and can you please follow me on twitter please please it would be so cool if you did cause you my favorite football player please @btm15
  • amnicholzThank you, Brandon!!! As a therapist (who also suffers from Major Depression), I applaud your dedication & ability to stand up for the cause. Beyond words gratitude....😊
  • ovochris7For soccer
  • cr7sr4mgHahaha those are soccer cleats -->#GreenHyperVenoms<--
  • snowman2488You should put out a whole line of green products hats, shoes, shirts, etc......supporting mental health. I would defiantly buy and support that!!!!!!!
  • mattoggs@soccerrudy23 he @btm15 he wore them to support mental illness not to stand out. In his 10000 fine got for it he is doubling the 10 and paying fine and giving 10000 to his fav mental awareness foundation. N I'm sure all the auction money for shoes will go to his charity too. Hes standing up for something, he even knew said befor game I'm gunna double my fine they give me and give other half to mental awareness just for a good cause not out there all mismatched for no reason. Really there should be other months like breast cancer awareness month its a good thing.
  • gonzo_goes_gonzoHow do I get a pair
  • a_elle3#Livegreen
  • cgwyn99Those r soccer cleats
  • https.adanKD 6s 😂😂😂😂😂😂jk
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