Cool runnings, 1984 #bobsled #abandoned #shit #olympics #sarajevo #bosnia #BiH #europe #travel #BGbosnia
  • theblondegypsyCool runnings, 1984 #bobsled #abandoned #shit #olympics #sarajevo #bosnia #BiH #europe #travel #BGbosnia

  • backpackersteveLarissa, I have to admit: you put this whole region of Europe on my list with all your cool photos. Any chance to catch up soon while you're in Europe? Is there a chance to welcome you in hamburg in December? Cheers!
  • a_z_r_a_bIt is always interesting to see how others perceive your county..your pictures are stunning and I hope you're enjoying yourself @theblondegypsy
  • stoneagelove@levymetal wow!!!
  • theblondegypsyBecause it's fucking cool @backpackersteve. As much as you know I'd love to meet you on the Reeperbahn, don't think so. Will you be at WTM? Your country is amazing @quincesandcakes and I don't want to leave it.
  • backpackersteve@theblondegypsy uh, wtm again - yeah I'll be in London from 1st to 11th - vodka this time? Haha
  • theblondegypsyThis time? Every time. Trying to get there but also have some pretty intense road trip plans in the works. And not west. Sorting it now! @backpackersteve
  • levymetal@stoneagelove the one thing I missed in Sarajevo. Although, I do have 110BAM which I can't exchange anywhere, so I might need to go back :p
  • sineadk13@maeveuskel
  • stoneagelove@levymetal I had no idea about this. I'll definitely be back to see this!
  • _sweet_tea_photography_Awesome!
  • donniewatleyOnly the most hard core train.
  • jbuns47What a dam shame... Never have the Olympics in a third world country again!!!!
  • rooiwilliWhy not have the Olympics in a third world country? It brings hope to people who otherwise have very little to look forward to.
  • theblondegypsyNEWSFLASH: Bosnia is not a third world country @jbuns47
  • miquetaSecond Newsflash: Why assume that people in the third world have very little to look forward to? And if that is case, what makes you think the Olympics bring hope? Hope for what? @rooi_willie
  • rooiwilli@miqueta you obviously have not been in a 3rd world country. Also, although South Africa is not exactly third world, the Soccer world cup in 2010 had such a positive effect on the South African economy, that in the midst of a recession, positive growth was seen across all industries, not just tourism.
  • bouvcrewWhat a beautiful picture of many textures!
  • 613mgI'll take your trains and raise you an abandoned luge track in Sarajevo. @p3s0 @ceriousc
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