What is this about?! It's a little intense! #onlyinflorida #figuresgluedtocars
  • samantha5683What is this about?! It's a little intense! #onlyinflorida #figuresgluedtocars

  • britineee123Haha I feel like this is illegal..I certainly wouldn't wanna drive behind this dude and get hit by Cinderellas castle
  • tesaaax0Does that listener plate say "to Jesus" ?? Lol that's not a car you see everyday. @samantha5683
  • samantha5683@tesaaax0 you better believe the license plate said that
  • kaveryxI'm 100% sure I saw that car when I was there and one covered in rubber ducks...
  • cccarrieeeThe first time I saw this guy, we were at a stop light right by SeaWorld & noticed this guy was just circling the intersection, over & over & over. I started going to college at UCF Rosen & used to pass there every day. He is there every-single-day, at the same time, circling. That was 2005-ish, & he still rides around now?!?
  • samantha5683@cccarrieee that's insane that you saw him in 2005 & he's still around
  • cccarrieeeI remember when he upgraded to that car, the one before that was a blue Oldsmobile with the same trinkets, sayings & license plate... Crazy. I always wanted to see his face, but he had super dark tint... Happy I found this link via Buzzfeed, Most Florida Things, I had no clue he was still circling...
  • jgat88This car is ALWAYS at the Sea World intersection! I see it every time I drive in that area
  • stevensikeIt's some old guy. He comes to the Sam's off 192 in Kissimmee ALL the time.
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