@kevinsullivan9 might be the biggest D Rose fan...can you prove you're a bigger fan?

Show us by tagging your pic with #drosefan & @finishline for a chance to win a VIP experience in #chicago.
  • finishline@kevinsullivan9 might be the biggest D Rose fan...can you prove you're a bigger fan?

    Show us by tagging your pic with #drosefan & @finishline for a chance to win a VIP experience in #chicago.

  • rodney_onealNaw I think he's the biggest fan
  • itmeanakinDerick rose isn't that great. Lol
  • jollijm127If anything he deserves it @kevinsullivan9. At least adidas didn't buy him all his stuff.
  • adammvpturner@jollijm127 Haha I like how you tell Me thank you for clearing it up but still hate. I don't get it sent to me by Adidas. Only a few things were given to me and those are 2.5 's but if it makes you feel better keep thinking they send me all of my stuff.
  • adammvpturner@tlav44 that's awesome man. I use to have a Simeon Jersey till it got destroyed in the wash :'( but things happen! LoL we got to chat more later tonight man.
  • jollijm127That ain't u talkin thata the devil
  • dt_iii@holm2125 is the best
  • j.petermanSimeon #ripbenji
  • jollijm127First off I was saying "if" he got free stuff from adidas he should not be eligible. That's like derrick rose entering this contest. And second offending me? Im a nurse, I deal with crazier things u probably will never will deal with physically and mentally. You my friend is outgunned and outmatched
  • jollijm127Btw I don't need shoes I have friends and family. Id rather spend my salary on some comfy scrubs and suit. Good for him he has those shoes. I'm happy for both of u
  • jollijm127Huh? Ok young gun I never hopped or burned anything. Its all about sending a msg. I made point across in my prev coment about fairness.I'm pretty sure u will make more than me but im gonna live a happier life. I honesty don't care about cash
  • jollijm127I'm done talking to u! I'm off to save same lives. Have a great day @tlav44
  • jollijm127@tlav44 I didnt say the world. If u ever look under a nurse's description it clearly is saving lives.
  • theadidaskid@finishline there is 2 entries now?
  • joshholm2@jollijm127 "You is outgunned and outmatched" solid spelling and grammar Nurse Dumbass 👌👌👍👍
  • adammvpturner@jollijm127 you didn't say that. You made a statment and sent a message. Don't get all mad and pretentious because someone came back at you about your comment.Its all good its a contest, its random drawing I probably wont even win on that account anyway. Don't try to make it seem like you are above this because you are a nurse. I completely respect that job and I believe you have witness some hard things but don't make your self seem uppity it makes you look like you are trying to find an escape route. But its cool man. You just need to not get so up and arms. Also I don't need all of those shoes my family is just very blessed and have blessed me to get these things for me.
  • mixedjuice@j_bailey time to step up #thereturn
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