pretty much got one pumpkin everything since I'm so common.
  • howsweeteatspretty much got one pumpkin everything since I'm so common.

  • mich1009Pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin butter, Amazing!
  • caberrOh phew. Those are insane.
  • thesuburbansoapboxThe chocolate croissants are incredible.
  • jamie_tibbitsThe pumpkin ice cream is so good!
  • kfrank417You said you would on Tuesday! Guess you finally took the trip.
  • kimberellahaha...earlier this week, I grabbed the pancake mix, the ice cream and the pumpkin cereal bars :)
  • howsweeteats@jropalenik mine has it but I tried that last year or 2 years ago and really wasn't a fan!
  • katespargoThe pumpkin body butter is amazing!
  • nixster017Pumpkin ice cream FTW
  • bogusia723Get the pumpkin body butter! So good!!
  • klrussell83Pumpkin butter is my fav. Stirred into plain yogurt topped with granola and pumpkin seeds.... Amazing
  • ellydd77It is a pumpkin hot mess in Trader Joe's. They made me eat an entire box of the pumpkin cranberry crisps yesterday. That was both the low and high points of the day.
  • jaclynalysse@hannahnannerz 👆😄
  • sarahbrunsoThey have pumpkin ice cream there? I'm totally going tomorrow!
  • shaunaseverPumpkin-palooza! Dang! 🎃
  • tararlyonsYou should have gotten the pumpkin ravioli... So good!!!
  • pbandpNow I want to go to TJ's!!
  • megopelPumpkin body butter?! I want that!!
  • wild0025@howsweeteats I made the pumpkin bread last night! Totally delicious but I thought how amazing it could be trashed up with maple syrup or something. Any ideas?
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