💛💙❤️ Knoxville, TN #CMTonTour
  • ashleymonroemusic💛💙❤️ Knoxville, TN #CMTonTour

  • mr_513_813Awesome wish was there
  • cdgideonGood to have you back home Ashley. Went to church with you at North Acres Baptist. Loved hearing you sing then and love hearing you now. So good to see our hometown doing great.
  • cdgideonSo good to see our home town girl doing great!!
  • filicka_the_wristWHY WAS I NOT THERE?
  • jess_ohcarp821What!?!? How did I now know about this!?!
  • mary_beth_markshappy for you!! :-)
  • sdaly47You did so great tonight!!
  • baileysoldinstaHey Ashley! I met you Thursday night at this show! I just wanted to say thanks for taking a picture with me and signing my ticket. Your truly an amazing singer! Like I told you, you sound just like Dolly Parton!! You and hunter preformed amazingly!!! I am so as its already over!!! Your so sweet and I was so happy to meet you!!!!!
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