The final stage of the @redhookcrit this Saturday in Milan:
  • rockstargamesThe final stage of the @redhookcrit this Saturday in Milan:

  • tonymontana7890respect
  • kaziman@rapampam
  • jhonax_the_n00bGTAV, especially the online part, has its problems... But its still one of the best game out there... #Rockstar rules!
  • mrhouston77bully online would be jokes
  • gharibczFix your fucking Online instead of fucking around
  • checkmate407Why can ppl still kill us while driving when in Passive Mode? #notcute
  • brozza_24.7Respect @rockstargames
  • tlamagna319Idk y u guys are still complaining i only started online 2 days ago played both long sessions thru without any issues except the sound crashing where it sounds like the hdmi cables loose causing it to cut in and out but all i had to do was go back to the home screen and reload the game
  • tlamagna319Cops are a little tough but hey its supposed to be real lmfaoo hightail it outa there or get shot on the way out the door of the convenient store lmfaooo its pretty easy i usually hop onto a train and if need be shoot the helicopters down thats usually enough cuz the cops are to dumb to relize ur on the train
  • tlamagna319They do have a warning not to make a new character now so my guess is your on ur own get over it and play or leave lmfao bitching aint guna get u ur stuff playin would
  • phillipsgtav_@lucaseck True that
  • _mseymourI don't want to earn it back when I was a level 89 with a nice apartment, the cheetah, entity, and the fucking Bugatti. And plus all I said was, Rockstar should give us our stuff back or we should be compensated, is that bitching? No, it's a god damn request. So everyone needs to shut the fuck up including you @lucaseck
  • _mseymourAgreed @thamajestic
  • frankiecortinaGusse what .I still can't play gta online. And yea I'm bitching about it
  • fredtombsRockstar's involvement in cultural event like this is awesome. I don't live in Italia but I really appreciate this.
  • anthonyarroyo__Put a dog shop in online
  • xxsweetprincessxxMake gta 6
  • kamaleonbikes🚲💥💥💥💥
  • _kevinjr11What day is it cooming out. @rockstargames
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