Actors Anonymous. anonymous - trailer
  • jamesfrancotvActors Anonymous. anonymous - trailer

  • annehagarSaw you on Today Show this morning. The book looks fun. Can't wait to pick one up
  • pumperkinsJinkies... @jamesfrancotv wrote a book? I was googling and such to see what other books you may have possibly written- and stumbled upon your top fav books? House of Leaves--second time I unwillingly ran into that nifty little title this week. I've never read it. Anywho.. Congrats on your book! I'll be checking it out. Take care boo, and keep on writin!!! "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see" H.D.Thoreau
  • ayesha_ahI saw your Letterman interview! So hilarious! "Baywatch." I'm glad you remembered to mention the book! Can't wait till my copy arrives! :) @jamesfrancotv
  • asianpersuasion_xJames Franco, I just had a dream with you in it. I was crying and u were walking by, you stopped me and comforted me. It was the sweetest thing. I already feel like you're a loving genuine person & I love you for this. Weird dream but felt llike the real you. Lol @jamesfrancotv
  • caitdollThis book is awesome so far. Slowly getting to reading it :)
  • cynthialpzWhere can I find it in SPANISH? I need it in Mexico. :) Can't wait to read it
  • adriana_lugoOhhh thats german ! :))
  • s.rose_logi.bearIm still reading this, but its amazing. Helps me get relate to others. Ive always believed I wear different masks to different situations, and can relate to this book. In so many ways. Every character could be anyone, but everyone also
  • kiddow_hautgoutwarum ist es deutsch?
  • kaylaapettFinally bought this! I have high hopes
  • _xyzabcxyz_@fridita_voodoochild Wundert mich auch voll,weil das Buch gibt es noch gar nicht auf deutsch
  • kiddow_hautgouthabe es auch nich nicht gefunden :( @mrsfrancotv
  • _xyzabcxyz_Jaaa ich auch :0,aber das mit dem Cover ist komisch weil er doch gar kein Deutsch spricht @fridita_voodoochild
  • kiddow_hautgoutja aber er ist ja weltgewandt und hat eine umfassende Bildung was Literatur und Kultur anbelangt, Vllt ist das ja der Originaltitel 😉 anders kann ich mir das nicht erklären @mrsfrancotv
  • _xyzabcxyz_Ich auch nicht😄,Ich bin voll ausgeflippt als ich ihn einem Interview gelesen habe dass er Deutschland mag und vielleicht für längere Zeit mal nach Berlin möchte 😍😵👍💕 @fridita_voodoochild
  • _xyzabcxyz_*in
  • jocelyn_anisa🌻🌻🌻I love you🌻🌻🌻
  • mrsthreevinoJust got the bold and brilliant novel. Love the 12 steps, pretty clever my friend. You should be proud@jamesfrancotv
  • kat_c1987German title 👌
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