Last call for the army green #ShadyVsEverybody Tees!  Get yours:
  • shadyrecordsLast call for the army green #ShadyVsEverybody Tees! Get yours:

  • blurrynameisgreatsoooo freakin' expensive
  • norahlizationI want this
  • kyng34The way I feel
  • simpleyarletteSsshhh don't tell the hubby but just ordered mine but yeah it is expensive
  • nicolasanx@rafael_thyra3 exanafkalantes :3 se prasino hakki
  • jamm0thyApo piu mborumen na pkiamen thelo ashima @nicolas_anax
  • thelifeofemmanuelHow much is it?!
  • staceynicPurchased yesterday =)
  • aa75008@maisondesreveries lol. I'll wear mine during Paris fashion week! What do think?
  • maisondesreveries@aasheng I think that's perfect! best street style photo 😎
  • jay__310Who runs this ig profile??
  • ronnyisthegreatestHappy birthday, Em!
  • daniel_guarneriI have ordered it!
  • lilp3a1984@shadyrecords Hi, my name is Paulette, I usually don't do this but at this point and age in my life I feel like I deserve the chance to finally meet my fav artist! I'm going to be 29 next month and I've been a fan of eminem since I'm 13 years old! While my family was in a messed up place I've always sat in my room and played eminem music and promised myself I would never be like them! His music had helped me so much especially getting through my mothers death in Christmas Eve! I want to make it clear I am not a Stan or groupie but a real loyal fan! I have 8 Eminem tattoos and it's not because I'm in love with him! It's simply because of his music and what he has got me through all these years! I've been to every concert, every secret event and anything that is easy for me to attend! I am asking please to give me this one chance and helps attend your event on Monday nov 4th! Even if it's just for a picture! I'd feel like I have finally done one of the most important things in my life and childhood by getting that chance! Thankyou so much! P.s I will be attending myself like always! I always do things on my own! It is less stressful and much easier! Please email me back at .. Thankyou so much for at least taking the time and hearing me out! - Paulette Peterson
  • lilp3a1984@shadyrecords @shade45 all the Eminem tattoos I have are all song lyrics that relate to me and my life! I'm not crazy or obsessed because of that
  • doey100Managed to get one when there was around 300 left.
  • debbronjamesI wish I could get one
  • zackjlewisThey still got em in black & white?
  • suzannelossiaLove this
  • joeythagun@itzbrtnybitch
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