It's the Ultimate Bravo Wedding LIVE at 11! #giggy #wwhl
  • bravoandyIt's the Ultimate Bravo Wedding LIVE at 11! #giggy #wwhl

  • crystalnicole__Nice! You consistently set the bar unreachably high for other would-be friends! @tomaykovintage 🏆
  • lucysadventuresGiggy 😍😍😍
  • shanaabearrMOST PERFECT WOMAN😍
  • trinamillettShe's so plastic, love Kyle,however.
  • megbphitOh look there I am! @jaccaboo @bravoandy @lisavanderpump
  • bksuga_nailsI use to be crazy for Lisa but now she has changed although Kyle's always been my fave she has stayed the same since day 1. Lisa befriending someone like Brandy , after what Brandy said about Adrienne showed me who she (Lisa) really is. I don't care for flip flop people. Her body got smaller but her head got huge. Just like her best friend "Brandy"
  • debtaylor78Do not let Lisa leave RHOBH she is the show I love her on the show!!
  • cottys1975Andy love that fake smile.
  • jennuhh_lin@lisavanderpump why do you keep the company of that vulgar trash #brandiglanville ?!?! Shes anything but classy, and is pulling you downhill with her fast!
  • 562babybear@bravoandy please rid us of joyce, sick of watching someone so desperate for attention. Brandi is honest and real... Isn't it real hobh??? I can't watch anymore she makes me insane. I ❤️ all the franchise too, oh well .... Prey u fire her
  • crown_me_king1230@bravoandy @lisavanderpump as I am a big fan of Lisa I am not a big fan of her show #vanderpumprules you can tell everyone in that cast was a complete dork in high school that's soaking up all and any attention they get! Please take this show off the air or #recast it #america doesn't need another show w a bunch of assholes on it
  • taybz@bravoandy Lias Vanderpump is such a #sexkitten! She is the best... As well as the whole #dreamteam Y, C, B, & L. One person on the show I don't understand why is still on is KIM!! #SNOOZEFEST #CRAZYTALK half of the shit she says is so ludicrous and insane most of it doesn't make sense. SHE IS TRAJ
  • taybz@bravoandy ALSO she has no interesting story line now that she's "sober" she doesn't do anything fun... The only thing she's doing is being boring and trying to start drama with Lisa for no reason. Nobody on the show even gives her the time of day not even Kyle. TIME TO REPLACE HER WITH A HOT YOUNGER GIRL TO MAKE BRANDI AND JOYCE SUPER JELLY!!! STIR SHIT UP A LITTLE !!
  • emily_stangelLOL
  • cutesamik#getridofcarlton
  • melloryaIt would be awesome if someone would acknowledge the similarity with what Tom did and what Kristen did. I am no sure why you didn't point this out as the "moderator"?
  • suzel300Love Lisa and can u please get Kim off the show she is a loser loser
  • valentina7689Dogs are not props
  • amnashh❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love lisa!
  • dearbeaPlump
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