Tonights cleats have arrived. Thanks Chris.  #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek
  • bmarshallTonights cleats have arrived. Thanks Chris. #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

  • copson3Go get it!!! @btm15
  • sparklydutchessAwesome!!!
  • choski00sick cleats, as well!
  • jessmcloud.15He's wont get ejected. The NFL is allowing him to wear them. He's just getting fined
  • kaylaneyoungI love that you are doing this! As a HUGE Bears fan and a psychiatric nursing student I commend you! Love that you are supporting this cause! Go Bears!!!
  • nostigmasYou're a mental health hero sir! Go Bears! #NoStigmas #Chicago
  • lalocastro87I love the lesson you are teaching all of us!!! STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN.... NO MATTER THE COST!!! @btm15 @mrsmichmarshall
  • jklipp26Shame on the NFL. They are sending a horrible message by condemning your outward support for Mental Health Awareness and dedicating an entire month the Breast Cancer Awareness league-wide. Shouldn't be "this-or-that"...stand for what hits home with you, I admire your strength and support your cause! 👍🏈👏
  • dailytaSo thankful that you are a mental health warrior...and on my fantasy team!
  • cariiyepzThank you so much!!! I love the shoes ;) love the cause! You're phenomenal💚
  • dmariervathank you for standing up for people like me who suffer from mental illness. much respect, sir.
  • pinup4acureYou're making a huge difference. Thank you! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚
  • s_dot_o@max_on_mars
  • s_dot_o@nery_nv
  • andrewsmith_duhLets fucking go. Soccer cleats in football >
  • sle3pinbeautyLove seeing those lime green shoes on the field!!!! Go BRANDON
  • btrettkeGet the phantoms next time
  • lovethetitansGreat game!!! Thx for the awareness :)
  • kriscarmichael85That's me!!!! I got to deliver the cleats! Highlight of my week! Great man supporting a great cause very close to home for me. The entire game the shoes/cause were talked about!
  • crunchless@btrettke Yeah... Everyone would so want to see him get suspended again eh?
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