Preaching the gospel in 2008 to thousands in Africa. Mark 16:15 #tbt
  • bishopjakesPreaching the gospel in 2008 to thousands in Africa. Mark 16:15 #tbt

  • niccoispoppinWow!! #glorytoGod!
  • graveyardstroWow
  • chandraharringtonYou are a world changer Bishop!! I'm blessed to be learning under your ministry and vision.
  • hanitamarieLove this!
  • lisatruebeautyYour the man of the hour.God have choose you.your about his business.God business bless you Bishop.
  • lavernedasilvaWhere in Africa?
  • redtygaGlory!
  • bisitina81Come to Nigeria.
  • tparty81Love this...but pls note, Africa is a continent not a country... specifics make a difference ;-)
  • cristilite0626@bishopjakes , will never forget it it was an amazing time . Remembering when you soared like an eagle and said "see ya" powerful Bishop!
  • rcraig32Amazing to see the many ways God is Blessing your life Bishop to help & change our lives. God Bless U & all u do!
  • javierprado4jNow that is amazing Preach Preacher
  • ur4givnBishop Jakes I have been watching you for so many years and still remember we when you did a book signing in the STL. God Bless you man of God and all you do for the body of Christ
  • mr_jimeo@bishopjakes How daunting a task...a sea of souls hungry for a change and YOU are the conduit God has chosen to use...whew! I'm nervous just thinking about standing on that stage lol. Lord, increase my capacity! I thank God for YOU, Bishop!
  • willphiriI WAS THERE........
  • pokiewellsIf they only knew, reaching out to God is the beggining of a new day,amen!
  • lightedstarHope you go back! #Botswana
  • awesome_aries119preach bro
  • iamshee_lahWOW!! Beautiful...
  • kubeka_@bishopjakes this was Kenya before You came to SA for Mega Fest. #drawItOutOfMe
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