Received this comment today. Your thoughts?
  • makeupstashReceived this comment today. Your thoughts?

  • parisbmwsDowan to like hehe
  • makeupstash@parisbmws Prolly get a surge of unfollows...before they even read my comments! 😝
  • parisbmwsNah I doubt it :)
  • icyabstractYes you should copy and paste this link! I guess end of the day it's their decision to dwell in the negative, like you said. And yeap end of the day, it's the makeup! Why go so deep (plus some are repromotes some more! Ha)
  • makeupstash@icyabstract Lol, re: re-promotes! #exhibita
  • makeupstash@glazgowgal 😊 Yes, to that; heck, we all have skeletons in our closets, no? 😉 I know Temptalia has declared that she's not going to review this collection, so I suppose other beauty bloggers will be held up to that by some. She apparently linked to a website concerning the violence and such but I've read that the sources in that article might not be verified, so I'm not sure of the extent of those claims.
  • yangrickAt the end of the day. It's The words of Mr Francoise who said it best before. Don't be so serious It's only makeup
  • yangrickAt the end of the day. It's The words of Mr Francoise who said it best before. Don't be so serious It's only makeup
  • makeupstash@yangrick I think it's fine if some people want to avoid a collection because of its connotations but our choice to use/feature the products doesn't reflect our condoning of violence, especially not in this artistic context. :) Yes, one of my favourite quotes from Monsieur Nars! The other one is: "There are no rules." 😊
  • lepantiesVery well said @makeupstash :)
  • makeupstash@lepanties I'm glad she left this comment; it opened up this discussion after all :)
  • lepantiesI don't blame temptalia for abstaining on the collection, but I also respect people who will review it. Aside from the controversy -- is it just me, but I'm slightly disappointed in the lack of new colors in the collection ... ? :/
  • makeupstash@lepanties Despite their vivid tones, the lipsticks and eyeshadows are surprisingly tame in terms of uniqueness of shade, I agree.
  • sesamechewWhy must you be like other beauty reviewers? Can't you have your own POV? So as not to risk popularity votes? Herd mentality.
  • makeupstash@sesamechew Haha, I'm not sure if ignoring/slamming this collection is the 'correct' or popular thing to do, really; I'd no idea it was creating such a furore. Whichever the case, I can understand if someone prefers to avoid it out of personal beliefs, and hopefully he/she can understand also why I feature it based on its richness of colour vs the inspiration's dark side.
  • makeupstash@glazgowgal I'm glad the reader highlighted this - it made me think about my stance and the many facets of the beauty realm. 😊 Which ones are you eyeing? 😉
  • chrissylohI'm sure if the art pieces by Guy Bourdin or the collaboration are for campaign for anti violence, it would be perfectly fine. It's really a kinda wrong medium, wrong audience kinda mishap. And beauty products are about celebrating womanhood, hence when the beauty pdts audience found out what he had created previously, they just feel wrong. And the source of information people googled to find our more, those are written by another human with opinions - be it good or bad. Seriously. So if really they choose to believe what was written on other sites, then I guess nothing else will change that. But they shldnt try pressure ppl to write abt the collection, really. It's like doing a mentally violent to another person, pressuring what shld be done and what shldnt. Moreover, those are art pieces, not like he really beat up a woman for those photos!!!! Like I said, if the collection is for some kind anti violent ribbon thingy, I bet they will have nothing to say. Ha! Either way, they have nothing much to say! Haha!
  • makeupstash@glazgowgal Good selections! Plus the double heart pouch that comes with the pencils is a keeper. Have you seen the blush palette from earlier this year? It has some nice colours.
  • makeupstash@bakingartsmom Some of his images are hauntingly beautiful; not all have a violent tone. But I guess that's not the point for those who feel strongly about it; they're just against supporting an artist who has portrayed women in disturbing positions. Incidentally, I read that some of the women who were photographed were troubled - I guess he translated that into his work.
  • makeupstashWaiting for @narsissist's take on this. #nars #narscosmetics #guybourdin #narsguybourdin
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