It's #Wednesday! That means half-price #games ... #allday and #allnight long! #humpday #daveandbusters #dizzychicken
  • daveandbustersIt's #Wednesday! That means half-price #games ... #allday and #allnight long! #humpday #daveandbusters #dizzychicken

  • kellie__odonnellOmg I love it at Dave and busters💗❤🌺🌻
  • tomboyglammI went there tonight to have dinner and play pool with a friend of mine and was stopped at the door because they claimed " to have seen us in the parking lot smoking weed and they weren't going to let us in"! We had just gotten off the highway and pulled into the parking lot we didn't even loiter before going in! I have to be drug tested for work. I have NEVER failed a drug test nor have I ever done drugs in my life in fact I have had BOTH of my children naturally because I don't like DRUGS OF ANY SORT and was utterly disgusted and appalled by their accusations. I will make sure I let everyone I know not to give them any business.
  • nightowlmama2thanks so much for half priced game night. Makes going out for a family with 4 kids a bit more affordable. the kids went hours on just 15 bucks for each of them. THANK YOU
  • baum_court@_cccchristie we should go on a Wednesday sometime soon and use up our play cards :)
  • jonnywestemeierBest place ever waited three years for the one in lavonia mi and my dream came true
  • rowefitness@missmcmaine next time we're playing this
  • mckennadrammehPlayed this game today it was awesome :)
  • mochajavagirl@ms_pookiethang @adrienneansel did either of you play this game
  • sawyerleetallyFavorite game
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