So honoured to be on the cover of LATINA! On newsstands in a week! @Latina ❤️
  • thekatvondSo honoured to be on the cover of LATINA! On newsstands in a week! @Latina ❤️

  • ojudos_2@thekatvond 👏👍😚
  • itsvictorlive@bpolidixon
  • arenas951❤️❤️😍😍😍🔥🔥👌😘 @indiann_23
  • missasheikh@sheikhy
  • shitloads_of_odeee@magnificentkaleidoscope
  • talyiatorres@_anthony_x
  • chuckyfloresElla @sofiarimoldi. Pero no veo fotos cuando estaba rubia
  • nathalie20123Beautiful
  • danyela_coach_athletebikiniSo beautiful ^^ @thekatvond
  • reema1912She's Mexican born to Argentine parents of german, Italian and Spanish decent. Latinas like those in the USA are all products of immigrants unless your indigenous. Plus look at the style of her work too it's all dark Catholic Gothic style .
  • illbe_counting_stars@djmnails ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @vanesaahdz_
  • lanena_indiatainaBellísima@thekatvond, and for the ignorant critics who need attention @eptrolando tell me something, si yo nací aquí en Nueva York en el bronx. Y me crié en Puerto Rico, luego me mude para Boston y tuve que ha prender hablar inglés cojie clases de inglés ESL, wtf does that make me? FYI mi madre es pura india taina, y Papi la familia del tienen sangre y familiares de España? Imitated but Neva Duplicated 🎭
  • eptrolando@always_love_a_boricuagirl first of all: get a fucking life. I don't even remember how long ago I posted that comment, this picture is 76 weeks old. Second: you need to get taught some grammar, phones now days have auto-correct and you still fucked up most of the words you wrote, necesitas clases de gramática en ambos idiomas inglés y español. I don't give any type of fuck where your parents were born or where you were born. Apparently those ESL classes didn't work on your dumb-ass. Also, you need some history courses too, you stupid bitch. Puerto Rico was a Spanish colony from 1493 to 1898. By 1900 the Tainos were more than probably extinct. In other words, for your mom to be pure Taino she would have to be more than 200 years old, which means you would probably be dead by now. Get the fuck out of my notifications feed if you don't wanna be taught some more of that shit you didn't learn because you're a high school dropout. I'm pretty fucking sure no one wants to imitate your ugly old ass, and I'm 100% sure nobody wants to duplicate your stupid wrinkly ass either. You ignorant bitch, who needs attention now? 😂😎😴😆😏😈 #YouStupidAssBitchIAintFuckingWithYouuuuu
  • edgarreyna412@angel_serrato My boo looking fire
  • angel_serrato@edgarreyna412 Nah that's all me .
  • edgarreyna412@angel_serrato don't get slumped
  • angel_serrato@edgarreyna412 fuck you its fades on sight lok !
  • elizzabeth.mhow r u so perfect omf
  • fitt.honeyAwful dress. Gorgeous woman
  • skeleton_timesI HAVE THIS!
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