This sequin blazer is everything! #need #iamtorrid #holidaypreview
  • torridfashionThis sequin blazer is everything! #need #iamtorrid #holidaypreview

  • nikkiflowers__Ohhhhh yes! Ready!
  • persempresara@torridfashion too bad you can pay 1/4 of the price for a better quality of the same style shirt at forever 21. Torrid is highway robbery. They're clothes are expensive and they shrink and stretch like walmart quality.
  • michaelaloesleinI agree with @persempresara for the money that we have to pay @torridfashion could give us better quality clothes. If you wanna give us shitty quality, lower the prices
  • eternalsnshine119@persempresara Does Forever 21 have plus size clothes??
  • eternalsnshine119I personally love Torrid but I usually only shop the clearance rack or when there is a sale
  • nikkiflowers__@ms_andrea34 I totally agree! I've been rocking with Torrid for 5 years and no complaints here! If you don't like Torrid don't shop there! No one wants to here that crap! I'm a firm believer in getting what you pay for!
  • billytalentfan1@eternalsnshine119 Surprisingly, forever21 does carry plus suzes. I'm pretty sure they go up to a 22 or a 24. I personally don't shop there, due to the fact that their clothes are cheaply made, unlike Torrid and Lane Bryant.
  • billytalentfan1*sizes
  • nicolexelizabeth@persempresara @_prettyfatchick I have a pair if torrid jeans that have lasted me about 3 years versus a pair of pants from f21+ that lasted about 10 months. clothes made from cotton shrink when put in the dryer, any brand. I have been shopping at torrid for about 8 years and everything I've purchase from them i still have and they are still in wearable condition. I can't say the same for F21+
  • babyyclementineI spend thousands at Guess, Express, and of course Torrid. I cry when my boyfriend accidentally dries ANY of my pieces. If you're too lazy to hand wash and hang dry that isn't their fault, it is yours! If you spend the money you should care for the clothes if you want them to last.
  • noisydavis@_quirkygirl Amen sister! I wash almost everything I wear in the delicate cycle on cold and hang to dry (jeans, scrubs, and towels the exception). I have pieces from Torrid I bought almost 10 years ago that look almost new bc I take care of them. F21 is low quality and therefore cheaper ti purchase. You get what you pay for and if you don't take care of it then that is on you and not Torrid.
  • adryyy_88@shelbyy_xoxo Is this you?? lol
  • creole_queen96I want that blazer
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