Who do you think could be using this desk in #Vikings #Season2?
  • historyvikingsWho do you think could be using this desk in #Vikings #Season2?

  • cry_baby_suicobsen__Rollo
  • lindsay_castilloRollo
  • nicolelianeHell yeah, Athelstan!
  • bamajenjenAthelstan would be my guess...
  • blackwolf05The Seer
  • kgotter13It's the slave boy Athelstan
  • erika_winsGEORGE BLAGDEN!! 💗💗💗
  • deanfotoMust be Athelstan, since he's the only one in Scandinavia who knows a written language & he is re-writing the Bible which des integrated in season one, pictured on the right side of the desk, no one else had any books. Do I get to sit in the front seat of the Longboat?
  • tolboe@deanfoto the vikings did have a written language - runes. But only important things were written down. On wood or stone
  • deanfoto@tolboe Good call! I've been to the rune stone in Alexandria, Minnesota, USA. I think the desert sun has made my brain soft. Thanks!
  • rosemaryomalleyKing Aelle
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