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  • spursofficialMichael Dawson and Kyle Naughton shoot-out fun after training - with Lewis Holtby in goal!

  • richard_foster_316dear dr khilan apart from west ham when was the last game we shipped 3 goals ???? for gods sake it was 1 result pulled your head in man
  • ru.winkettGet rid of Kyle naughton
  • baj79Naughton is always played out of position he aint a left back, defensively he is probably a better right back than kyle walker
  • kurtgordon95@ruarri_20_4 trust me naughton is dead!
  • kurtgordon95@ruarri_20_4 he just can't defend for shit
  • gstavAgreed Naughton and walker no good
  • red__rocket__@benhayhay @tahlialewis
  • shane_thfc@robtuc I tell you what you're absolutely right... Some of the mugs commenting are laughable... They don't seem to remember the utter shit teams we had back in the late 90s and early 00s... Yeah the second half capitulation was agonising to watch on Sunday (especially as it was to those chav cunts) but whoever thinks that AVB wouldn't have had them working their bollocks to rectify the mistakes are themselves mistaken... This video is clearly a light hearted bit of fun AFTER (<-- keyword that) training. Just like someone going out for a drink after work with a few work mates. To those fans who only jumped on the band wagon 2/3 years ago, do us a favour and fuck off! Cheers.
  • santiagomajewWow ^^^^
  • tyrese.reyMy aim is to get in to Tottenham
  • tashahajOh Lewis haha
  • bekki_loos@yiddo_shane too right!!!!!!
  • yourzoexNo me neither I am big spurs fan but they need to start putting more effort in !!
  • ben.magentyWe have got the players we need to use them
  • evenht@olivervenset hør, cebolla
  • olivervenset@evenht hahhahahahah
  • mnaayyrrWow♥♥♥hahahahaha
  • a7pcGood goals!
  • samgiblin_@holliebrownx. He's got your gene, haha!x
  • mood_bombCutie
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