OMG just met Billy Crystal ... Totally star struck he's amazing. ❤️
  • snookiOMG just met Billy Crystal ... Totally star struck he's amazing. ❤️

  • jizelle_lopezAwsome @snookinic
  • kelly.p211Why is everyone always telling her ages too skinny. She looks perfectly healthy.
  • dhmc187Dude looks like an old women.
  • holygrungerevivalCunt
  • lascorpianaIt's because she was always that big girl so you don't know her on this way and then when she loses weight it looks very fast too skinny. But i think she looks wonderfull too :)
  • barbaracamposcoutoamazing
  • shaynalynnmHahaaaa @dhmc187 !!
  • bizzle_moahmmedSnooks!!
  • amydicarloDamn he bout old AF.
  • carla.cavaiuoloOMG
  • iamsuchaclownGirl u got the cutest outfits ever
  • amydicarloThen he's old too @xdiamondprincessx
  • amydicarlo@xdiamondprincessx since when is addressing somebody's age being disrespectful? Since when is saying some body is old or young disrespectful? I wasn't making fun of anybody and never said it was funny. Maybe you should stop assuming and quit guessing. U are bored . Trying to start an argument of over a stupid comment . Come on now.
  • amydicarlo@xdiamondprincessx you must have missed my comment asking you how addressing whether somebody is young or old is disrespectful.. and good thing u deleted your other comment because you started to sound like an idiot who is trying to cause unnecessary drama. Because I was not disrespecting anybody and the only person I'm being rude to is you because you have nothing better to do than try to start an argument with somebody u don't even know over an instagram comment.
  • amydicarlo@xdiamondprincessx maybe you should lay off now because its starting to get a little ridiculous and If you scroll up through the comments you will see MANY people mention how billy crystal is getting old. I don't think u have enough time to sit there and argue with each and every one of them and tell them how disrespectful they are for noticing somebody is aging. I would hope u don't have time like that on your hands. But I may be wrong... maybe u do because it seems u have nothing better to do with your life than to sit and monitor instagram comments and try to start arguments with random strangers over comments that aren't even disrespectful and just stating the facts.
  • stephiexraeLmaoooo! Riiiiight? More like Jerry Springer. @cvill2012
  • ms.undefinedI know right lol "you are not the father"
  • lyssiemarieeGorgeous snooks! @snookinic
  • joleen_love_you_forever👯
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