The #Uncarrier Revolution continues... Join us tomorrow!
  • tmobileThe #Uncarrier Revolution continues... Join us tomorrow!

  • ft.chrizCant wait to see You -Shakira.
  • kecruz85^^what u talking about? I just got the s4 $0 down
  • kecruz85Bill dropped $25 a month also
  • colbyraskullThat's my birthday! Stop trying to steal my thunder T-Mobile!
  • alamillacesarin:3shakira <3
  • teeobizThey treat their customers badly....not impressed😒😞😣
  • tommie33Hopefully they get the service at Ft Carson better. My service sucks over here!
  • mauri0379Shakira @ Bryan Park!! #bryanpark #shakira
  • bold_flightHopefully this announcement is something regarding improvements to your domestic coverage nationwide @tmobile
  • ikornikaI happen to think T-Mobile's customer service is revolutionarily awesome!
  • bklynmom9206Use to be awesome, seems like they've outsourced and everyone you speak to comes from somewhere but the USA. I'm all for sharing the wealth but their customer service sucks now. I hate getting in the phone with them,Ugh!
  • pcfiii@batidonegro
  • braven4evrI've had issues once but overall cs has been gud.
  • ty_brooklynsneakerinitiative@rebsgarcia why wouldn't you be able to change your phone? Don't you want faster service???
  • ssteveen26Can't wait! :)
  • barbsturn20I have to wait till June to get my own plan so I can get a smart phone. Woohoo!! Lol.
  • naz_shayotaHow do I tune in to watch this??
  • complicit@tmobile can you give us a hint ?
  • tmobileIt won’t be streaming, but you aren’t going to want to navigate away from our page for too long! Big news on the way!
  • tmobile@xxojulesoxx The event won’t be streaming, but you’ll still get a glimpse! Stay tuned! #Unleash
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