Had a blast celebrating #LittleBitOfEverything in Nashville yesterday!
  • keithurbanHad a blast celebrating #LittleBitOfEverything in Nashville yesterday!

  • motomom690Loved your concert in Fresno Ca❤️
  • erin_earl333I am coming to ur concert in Peoria
  • shelbie2002Loved your concert in sac ca
  • rnschmitCan't wait till oct 18 omaha ne!
  • jenniferharkinLove your music so much Keith ! Your music is amazing and inspiring to me ! You're my idol and I listen to your music all the time . My friends make fun of me and don't have the same thoughts about your music that I do , but i don't care. See they don't understand country music :p haha I always tell them to at least read your lyrics because they are so damn beautiful ! You are so inspiring and my mum and I love you. Keep doing what you do best! <3 xx I don't know if you'll ever see this but if you ever do I hope it puts a smile on your face like you do to so many of your fans. Xx God bless
  • jenniferharkin@keithurban :D
  • lisabeme2@keithurban .. jist found out u r coming to runaway country... cant wait to see u in march...
  • lisamk1I looooove u
  • jesslynn1020Love this song<3 @keithurban
  • kato7potato@sadiemcinnes
  • katieswanstonI love you Keithurban
  • shelbie2002You are my favorite signer ever
  • shelbie2002Your show in sac was awesome
  • dimurray9Love, love, love you!!! A little bit of everything
  • larni65👍👍👍
  • alexis_andrewsI was at the concert in Oklahoma City tonight and I have to say it absolutely amazing just how you interact with the crowd and walk around is amazing!!!!! Hope to have you come back to Oklahoma soon I would love to come to another concert you know how to entertain people!!! And if anyone says anything ill just tell them to "stand up"!!!!!! 💚💚 @keithurban
  • swimmerowen10I love that song #LittleBitOfEverything I love your new album I own it on my IPad my favorite is the diet with Miranda Lambert!!
  • indielove83@keithurban My Mom and I just got to see you in Springfield MO and you were AMAZING!!! Sadly, my Dad, who is your biggest fan, did not get to be there due to numerous health issues, including a recent blood clot.:( We tried to get your autograph for him on the t shirt we bought, but couldn't get to you in time. I would be forever in your debt if you could do something for him....autograph or shout out.....anything!!:) Coincidentally, his name is Keith as well! Thanks again for an amazing show!!
  • drunkonminaj@keithurban I ❤️ U !!!! Rhrjdddhfjsjgajgj 😍💍👌 will u marry me???? 🙏 @keithurban
  • karenmjlsJust awesome, beautiful, person. Truly gifted! !♥
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