Young adults perform at the Bitone Center for Disadvantaged Children. Bitone works with children traumatized by war, disease and economic hardship.  They provide food, shelter, education and teach traditional dance, music and theater. The Bitone Centre is supported by the #RotaryClub of Kampala-East (Uganda), the Traverse Bay Sunrise Rotary Club (Michigan, USA) and The #RotaryFoundation. "War cannot go on forever. #Peace must and shall come. The years ahead reserve for @Rotary a most difficult and arduous task. To heal the wounds of a war-ravished world; to substitute for hate, mutual understanding and tolerance; to create affection where rancour exists; to change enemies into friends and replace excited passion and armed struggle by goodwill and international peace.” -- Paul P Harris
©Rotary International/Alyce Henson
#peaceonearth #artofhealing #healingarts #peaceandconflictresolution #civilwarreconstruction #paulharris #kampala #uganda
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