She's having a blast ☺️☺️☺️
  • chelseahouskaShe's having a blast ☺️☺️☺️

  • davisesq212OMG how adorable can she be???!!!!!
  • lesliemhdzOMGGG! :3 soo pretty
  • tdempsey711@chelseahouska @chelseaahouska my daughter goes to dance at the same place you do! :) very cute!
  • monrow123The cutest thing ive ever seen @chelseahouska
  • francescatorreamazing😍
  • kyliegerdes20U have the CUTEST daughter!
  • chloemariethorneCan't believe how big she is getting ! I've only just seen her 3rd birthday party over here in the uk can't believe she is 4!!! My baby is 2 there growing up too fast @chelseahouska
  • thewildthreadsHi hun. Im a young mommy and I opened up this instagram shop that sells high end baby clothes for cheap prices:) ive only been open for 8 weeks and its blowing up pretty fast but I was wondering if there was anyway you would give me a shout out for all the mommies with baby girls that are following you. I would seriously appreciate it so much.
  • macyskilesWhere does aubree go for dance, I live in Sioux Falls and I dance here so she might go to the same place as me @chelseahouska
  • _x.seno.x_نجك ليا
  • kinseygraceco💗💗💗
  • crystal1214@chelseahouskaa she is so adorable!
  • jandova_kristyna💖👸
  • rosieclaire_xoOmg, your such an amazing mother! She's so adorable, dance your heart out Aubs! Xx
  • gabrielducarmeCan you mâle some pub for me plz if yes i love you !!!
  • evelinestewartShe is just a little princes 👑
  • karleya15So Lucky... I lost my son 4 months in go me pregnancy
  • torivaca34Cute @chelseahouska
  • markiet11@brady_blunts
  • hopes.jjjjOmg I promise I'm not creeping but my little sister was in the same dance class as your daughter and I always saw you at the dance studio because I dance there too. Lol. Also I live like three houses down from where you used to live. Like I said not creepin just thought it was interesting because I like love you so much 💜💜💜💜
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