Top 10?! You guys are the best. Pre-order at if you haven't
  • panicatthediscoTop 10?! You guys are the best. Pre-order at if you haven't

  • tali_22Staying up all night waiting for the new album
  • its.angie.16Luke and patd! <3
  • jennifersienaMy two favorites! Luke and Panic!!!<3
  • danny_mitchinsonHaha I see ur comment here @maddipiasecki
  • _nataliececile_I just got it, it's the most perfect thing ever.
  • zoeschneidah@ #5 now!!!!!!!!!
  • sam_navarroDammit I wish I had money -__-
  • markaylaireneIt's at 5 Now
  • wattyzlistening now. <3
  • thereesesa72Got it!!!!!!!!! @panicatthedisco
  • _madi.paige_I got it!!!! yay
  • _renaelynnNumber 2 now!!!!!
  • mischief1824You're #2 now!!!!
  • emchanted_Finally got it!
  • vicesvirtues11No, no, you guys are the best!! I love you all so much! I really hope I can see you in Oakland this February!! I absolutely LOVED seeing you in SF!! You guys are even more amazing live!!:P
  • bella_luna622@panicatthedisco I just wanted to tell you how much your band has affected me. I've been listening to you since I was 10. December 22, 2010. The first song I ever heard by you was There's a Good Reason These Tables are Numbered Honey you just haven't Thought of it Yet. Now I really didn't understand the lyrics but I knew that there was something I really liked about it. So I listened to everything on YouTube that even partially mentioned your name. I fell in love with your music. It was all I talked about for the rest of 5th grade, you could ask anyone. Now, I know you may not read this, but I had to say thank you. For writing. For staying after the chaos that happened post Pretty. Odd. For working so hard to please fans. And for this new album. You will always be my number 1.
  • sarahk_smilesAnd Panic, I would just like to say that your music, especially "Sarah Smiles", helped me through a lot and got me closer with my best friend
  • ramsey_perezO m
  • alicevampiriaGot it
  • elizmigzLuke
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