Now you don't @ftpalad
  • wizkhalifaNow you don't @ftpalad

  • dxmianxbeatsPussy
  • montaqueboyz@mrdeerskin_ wtf are you talking about
  • xerxes3333Illuminati /satanic.. Prayin for you whiz .. God love you man real talk. He hears you in your alone time and deep thinking. He's just waiting for you to say yes to him
  • k1clineI didn't think itd happen to you wiz.... Smh you can always turn to God bro read this and take this advice. You'll
  • k1clineKnow it's worth it when you do
  • realkingnimaWiz is a hoe😪 this niggas rockin that devil ass shit like a buzzkill 👎 I miss wiz 😤😤
  • flyoriginaldopeofficialY'all don't even know wat illuminati is..y'all be quick to see some symbols that u don't understand and call it ILLUMINATI. whose the one that's brainwash? this man is living his life his dreams..while y'all hating
  • kawla4xFuck Dat Shit He Sold His Soul For Fame Call It Wat You Want
  • jadez_world👏👏👏👏👏 @iamfodope so tru
  • dezmc5@illuminatiexposer2014 @illuminatiexposer2014
  • sexi215This hat=La_Mort=the mortality by Faye Winslade
  • flowlopezito@sexi4824 no its French brand #mortparis
  • kid_of_zeusLol if it get u all dat.. How I sign up?? @mistercap
  • kid_of_zeusNice gloves tho fam.. #Taylorgangrarri sounds great like a box of frosted flakes.. If u lookin for a down south rapper ..hit me up wats da wait?? I know wen u getting $$$$ nigga's hate.. Ain no bird feedin me shiiid I want da whole plate.. #talyorgangrarri.. Desmond Taylor was Mi government.. Da hood call me Rarri bih.. Fresh AF fly as hell I'm hotter than da devil get.. Now I know ain know hotter shit chillin sit a quarter bitch.. But I know she jus stickin round to live this life and shit.. Big crib & Yacht & shit.. I'm fresher than ur baby get I'm turnin up dont give ah shit.. Lol a Lil of da dome..
  • m.edwards_Damn wiz I used to fuck wit u brah, they finally got your ass lookn through triangles, wearing symbolism...blood sacrifice next!
  • boochy_@mort356
  • le_zbatFuck illuminatie !!
  • raul_gspr@timo_muenzner motherfucker mort yooo
  • timo_mnznr😂😂😂😂@raul_gaspar
  • alexis_rbro@lorisbaccilleri franchement je voyais la ressemblance
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