• juleshough#repost So blessed to have been a part of #adaywithkind in Portland today! What @mollymaethomps and @laurenpaul8 have done with @kindcampaign to reach so many incredible young girls/women that are struggling, could soon be struggling, or that witness others struggling growing up in today's day and age, is truly a testament of how they are changing the world! I'm grateful that we met a year ago to figure out a way to work together on @kindcampaign (announcement coming soon-yay!!!) but more importantly to have gained two outstanding women as friends! There really is such a thing as girls supporting girls!! We should all be constantly working on ourselves to spread the love to those around us that need it... Which by the way gives YOU so much joy and happiness when you do! There really is nothing like a sisterly bond! Come on girls lets fight the fight against girl on girl crime! Everyone has a story! Xoxo

  • v_arrieta33You are the best I hope one day you will make my dream come true to hug and kiss me. Keep up the good work.
  • lizzzzzybeth78@brittanyherself This totally reminded me of you!
  • lauren_pickulOn dwts give Derek a 10
  • rachlrothCan you bring the program to Germantown, MD???
  • momofryjonYou have a wonderful heart. It's so true....it makes me think of ellen degeneres when she says at the end of every show "be kind to one another" the both of have so much heart. It's inspiring.
  • tamrincrawfordThis is awesome!
  • claire_parrI love this Julianne. It's perfect. Just like you
  • julianicholshodgesYou're the best.
  • silvitabrasilWOW!! Xoxo
  • sarahkfaldI was there! I love seeing you Julianne! Unfortunately I didn't know you were there until after I left the NCL movie for Finding Kind but I walked by you in the hallway and we looked at eachother! You have always been my role model, I love you! @juleshough
  • angneidigBeautifully said!
  • rizwanccieVery nice
  • llee_xxiiJulliane you are my inspiration I get bullied at school and you just inspire me show me you know I'm here please I want to meet you I want to talk with you please 😔
  • itsnancydrew❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • madelinegcooneyI was there thanks for coming!!!!!!
  • euittsPaige's birthday
    Hello! My best friends birthday is coming up (Nov. 10th) and while I have been trying to think of birthday gifts for her, I keep remembering how much she loves you, and looks up to you. I was wondering if maybe you could send me a signed autograph that I could frame and give to her? Please email me (euitts@gmail.com) and I will give you my address. Thank you so much! @juleshough
  • hannameredithHi! My names Hanna and I live in a very small town called Oreland outside of Philadelphia. In my community we lost a boy to suicide about a year ago which really hit us hard. His name was cole and we all try to love and support each other in dealing with this. So far we've gotten #keeponsmiling trending on twitter in Philadelphia but we really need that extra push to get us trending world wide. I know you do a lot of work with the kind campaign and was wondering if you could take a second to go in twitter an help us out. It would mean SO MUCH to everybody in my community. Thank you! @juleshough
  • mommajones7I need friends like you❤
  • nikkinakki92@dancerchey I would love it if you followed this page @kindcampaign !! It would help you I promise ;)
  • theprincess_tatiSeriously I really think Hesston High School needs this we really do!!!!!
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