Brighten and renew your skin with bareMinerals Intensive Glow Pads.
  • baremineralsBrighten and renew your skin with bareMinerals Intensive Glow Pads.

  • thatssewjessMay have to try this for wedding prep
  • jen_to_the_lo@christie_choate this is a treatment after cleansing, Bare Minerals has some great cleansers also
  • jamiev92@christie_choate try the purifying facial cleanser. Takes makeup off easily (: and a great price of only $20
  • erinpackard@christie_choate you definitely don't want to use this as your makeup remover - this is just for a little exfoliation and turning over skin cells with amazing natural ingredients for that radiant glow! But! Use the @bareminerals Purifying cleanser for a cleanser (it has makeup remover in it) if you need a little more eye makeup removed use their makeup remover (amazing)! Definitely get some multi-wrinkle repair and night serum, together they will fight aging and give your skin a healthy moisture level and fight wrinkles (woah!). I use all of the skin care - I especially love the night transformation treatment - huge difference in my skin! Go to your local bareminerals store and have them walk you through their skin care so they can custom for it to your needs!! But @bareminerals skin care + makeup are made for each other!
  • destiny_manifested23I need that!
  • virgoj88I wish it wasn't so expensive @bareminerals
  • ginomafia_@ohnogrl
  • fallenstar1@jesseloves..make sure you try in advance..I have seen girls have a reaction because of the salasicid acid
  • lynz_mc85I also have reactions to this.
  • halliescomet88This is not a cleanser. Use after and start slow. I'm using now every other day, on opposite days that I use my Clarisonic and my skin has had no breakouts!! You may purge a little when first starting to use these but don't stop, it will get better.
  • sashaclarebrownCant wait to get this on my allocation! Tried it on training and wow it does tingle and i can imagine using it over the weeks and seeing a difference. X
  • edmondgirl123I need to use these @thedoubletakegirls!!
  • amy_heyheyI've seen this, but does it fade your color? I use a face bronzer moisturizer daily, but looking for something to fade spots from past breakouts @halliescomet88 @fallenstar1 @beeutiful_disaster @vagabondlizzy
  • thedoubletakegirlsYes sis @edmondgirl123 we for sure need try these!
  • erinpackard@ameface do not use this if you are using some kind of tanner. If you want to correct aging or acne spots the skincare is great - especially the night transformation treatment and night serum, but you definitely want to add the correcting concealer! SPF 20 + corrects dark spots over time! Also the redness remedy has some skin renewing to it as well!!
  • estee_lauder_bmI use these twice a week..
  • estee_lauder_bmSalacylic acid is just aspirin. A lot of people are allergic, but if you rub your skin too harsh or use too often could make your skin act up, try using a toner afterwards. Keep those follicles closed!
  • emenemii want it
  • ewande@domoro43 à essayer?
  • chmelanyPara que sirve esta crema @bareminerals ?
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