Can't contain my joy :) @ryansweething
  • normancookCan't contain my joy :) @ryansweething

  • baby? she's not pregnant! x
  • lauren.spence_congratulations on your engagement 😃
  • lizzgaffneyclarkCongrats Ms Sweetthing lol
  • gatormom333Congratulations!!! Go Gators!!
  • ghostygurl92Just noticed her top says bride
  • mike072202Congrats
  • enzo_d_91Cu cù..Te tè!!
  • lisakrzkCongrats!!! wow ♡
  • lisakrzkCongrats!!! wow ♡
  • lionswiftCongrats!!!!! 🙈❤️
  • florencesjewelleryboxThis has happened before though.
  • viaf._.14Of cooourse, he would be stupid if he had let you go! Congraaats
  • xxrudogxxCongrats!
  • stefy625Congrats!! May you blessed with a lifetime of love and happiness!
  • talzscherCONGRATS
  • myemoranOMG OMG im happy for you. Im ur biggest fan here in phillipines. And i love the big bang hey!
  • joeleene_Honestly never let anyone question your relationship or how "fast"things have happened. My husband and i dated 3 months before we got engaged and I never second guessed it. We'll be married 5 years im Jan! Congrats, darlin :-)
  • oopyult7Congrats on the engagement! !!!! My grandparents were set up on a blind date. 2 months later he proposed. They got married September 17th 1955 and were married for almost 30yrs. Me and my husband and I were coworkers and were set up on a date. It was suppose to be a group get together and they all bailed. It was new years eve. 1 and half months later he proposed and we got married on September 17th. I hope to have a happy and long marriage just like mt parents. Don't let anyone's opinion get in the way of your happiness! !! P. S. Your AWESOME on bbt we became fans over the summer when hunby was on leave for surgery for his ankle. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ :))))))))
  • luvsnessie@normancook a very belated congrats to you & @ryansweething I think it's an amazing thing! When u know, u simply know. Some ppl spend yrs dating a person & they never marry b/c it's not "right"...then there are those who just "know" & when it's "right", love, it's a beautiful thing. 💗 wish the two of u an amazing future together ☺️ (((HUGS)))
  • reenapal11When you know, you know!! You are such a sweet and kind hearted girl... You two look so incredibly happy. You deserve every happiness and blessing! Congrats to the moon and back! :)
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