Skull Rock, Joshua Tree CA.
  • m_shinodaSkull Rock, Joshua Tree CA.

  • linkinparksoldiergirlChill man @m_shinoda
  • fran_44@marcpanter
  • rayleestrikerYou are so great...
  • majomusmanniPlease come to Costa Rica we love you
  • teejayleighCool! Looks like something out of Red Dead
  • otalison<3 Joshua Tree
  • a.ikcinflowerI just wanna say that I truly appreciate you guys for all your hard work and heart that went into y'all music. They really helped me out throughout my high school years. All four years I was known as the LP girl :) thank you, all of you and it's awesome now, to be some what connected to you! You guys will always have a special place in my heart! :D
  • will_drosche20Looks like the rocks where u guys did ur photo shoot during minutes to midnight
  • jonsteeloI love camping there
  • ristinw@m_shinoda It doesnt look like the Joshua Tree I saw in Nevada! The trees I saw were much taller. 😲😲 They grow in the red soil.
  • silver_glephaSkull? what's with skull thing?
  • ristinw@m_shinoda Mike: ☺️Would you have two seconds to check out a picture of a Joshua Tree that I took in Nevada more than 10 years ago? 😀😀😀😀hope you will read this!
  • xx__ms___xxΣ( ̄Д ̄ )
  • nhasaidApik,,,
  • yuyusfaizIs that real @m_shinoda ?
  • trextessI was there spring break!
  • oska_The Joshua Tree, U2  
  • jess2greg05207Was this were they filmed crawl back in? It looks like it
  • michelleshoshanaLovely picture were ever it is
  • anna25lysanice picture!
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