For those asking this is what my eye looks like right now, gorgeous!!!
  • mikebispingFor those asking this is what my eye looks like right now, gorgeous!!!

  • leeacharles75Still ugly bro they could off at least done something for you whilst you where in getting sorted out
  • cstromqvistDude you look like Karlos Vemola
  • alx_fuentxTake care michael
  • chrisbag1986You look like the governor from the walking dead. Take care mike
  • rootysonGet well soon👊💋
  • nixster22Get well soon! Xo
  • hamblin05Wow! What happened?
  • pragatget well soon !!!
  • rootyson@ldiaz86 this is why he's not at Manchester 👊
  • ashleegarnerxstill very gorgeous ..but u look funny as f**k ;-)
  • jorge_davidget better soon, mr. bisping
  • ninja69erawwww shit @mikebisping let that heal 100% before u come back bro thats ur vision scary scary stuff much respect
  • josefwhaowAwesome guy get well soon
  • patricks720Guess he didn't warn you before he jizzed in your face....
  • lajjen84U should have told her not to sit on your face
  • ulysses_r_gGod bless good luck with your recovery mr bisping! Looking forward to your return!
  • brucenortonGet well soon. Consider posting a pic to Help fight retina problems.
  • daddyaigyYou still going to fight munoz or some one else what bout hendo rematch .all the best mike keep healthy.
  • curtismcdansOh no! From Hendo?
  • dntevsqzScarred left cornea, 1 Riddick eye
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