had so much fun tonight, thanks philly.
  • beamillerhad so much fun tonight, thanks philly.

  • sam_badaracc0I went upstairs to take a pick with u and nick and u were leaving I wish you would have stayed
  • christinamariejojoperfect
  • annahvegadid you really just reach 300k omfg congrats ilysm
  • licepfvrbeautiful
  • pinjacoHi bea. I am @/_millerbea on twitter, u know me right? I know im sometimes annoying, i know ive heard it too many times. But i just wanted to say thank you so much. Youve been my idol year now. Thank you for making me happy twitter when you tweet me. I know im really annoying when i sent u DMs like "im sure u dont like me i hate myself" i hope you didn't saw them and im sorry i wrote them. I am just unhappy with myself and sometimes i just feel sad with myself and then i say words i tried not and i tell them to people who should not even know about these things. Im sorry if ive made you mad or. But im so happy and proud of you for staying yourself. Youre the most amazing person in the world. Thank you bea i love you so much <3
  • hellokandyxox12Omg I saw you there in Philly !!! It was the best night of my life ever !! I love you soo much and you are such an amazing singer and I love your hair and everything about you and you're just perf !! Like my gosh<3
  • ginap153Ahh I posted a video with you singing. You were awesome!!!!!
  • theres_stanglAmen ! ♡ @_pinjao_
  • chattanaelJust watched X factor USA and 2 girls were singing and I was like omg it's bea miller !! And it was amazing !! I come from France xoxo.
  • pavlovapvque hermosa
  • ourepiclifeofficialWhere did u get ur sweater from I live it last night
  • leiraaxxI love your style ❤
  • gabbyfurlongThis should be your album cover, jut with a pile of food on the floor👌
  • carolfalciroli👌👌
  • quynhanh216Love ths picture😍
  • jaslyndumlaoI'm totally in love with your roar cover with Boyce ! 😊
  • natigsalgadoSo pretty💗
  • _arisalgueiroIssu que as dorgar fazem.queridos
  • hailey.steelei have that palm tree
  • jvrjfrbangerzzz ️️
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