One week...
  • shoepalaceOne week...

  • iamgooncapsOne weak
  • mikenike_13Over priced
  • calibear559@shoepalace i passed on bel airs for these i cant wAit
  • samboland4Price?
  • bootsybadass200$ retail @sam_36_
  • _ant_house_So today I went to a shoe palace in Santa Ana with the intentions to get the bel air 5's in kids sizes. I called Wednesday and also yesterday to confirm that they would be available with no lottery necessary. So I get there today when they open and one employee says we didn't get them come back next Wednesday when we open and you can get a pair. So before I left the store I asked a second employee about getting this and his response was completely different. He told me call in next Monday to see if we can get you in a lottery for kid sizes. So now I wanna know what's the deal. I'm from Northern California just down here visiting and I I have never had any of these type of issue. Please respond so I can know what's really going on. I am a long time shoe palace customer and I don't want to feel like there's shady business going.
  • shoepalace@b_eazy84 Shipment was late so they usually don't deal with this but they may have to raffle due to popularity and Main Place's strict no FCFS policy.
  • sammiieboGo to footlocker
  • sammiiebo@b_eazy84
  • shoepalace@cray_chray Yes. They have been available online all day. The link is on our profile.
  • air__eli@shoepalace these will be available online too? What time will these usually go up on the site ?
  • londonjoel0513Can't wait!!!
  • __brenbrenDo y'all still have the gloves???
  • __brenbrenDo y'all still have the gloves???
  • __brenbrenDo y'all still have the gloves???
  • thikknjuiceyN e way I can get the belair retro 5 still @shoepalace
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