Happy birthday to my beautiful godchild Gabriella!
  • melissagorgaHappy birthday to my beautiful godchild Gabriella!

  • kandyg26Jennifer Lopez?? She's got a long way to go before she hits Jlo status @upser8898
  • rachelzgorzelski@kgarza26 you are funny for that. Hahahaha
  • dab1221@melissagorga How can you be her godparent if you're her aunt? I'm just wondering because I know that godparents are of Catholic faith but didn't know it could be a family member.
  • krissyrod79How r u her g.mother and Teresa clearly said she would never leave her kids2u if she were2go2prison :O
  • fabgalfabcookdid her uncle attend her party?
  • fancyfacesforeverAll God Parents in my family are related to the Godchild don't know where you got that info but it's allowed in the Catholic Church!!! Look good mel
  • maamatinaaPRECIOUS!! Gabriella HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie!!! I luv what a good sweet mannered BABYGIRL. She is! Beautiful. Like her Tia =]
  • shes_brantasticGabriella is starting to look like Joe's mother to me. Lol weird how genes can skip generations...she doesn't look like either of her parents at all! Hope it was a Happy Birthday :)
  • loriann7447Happy birthday girl
  • amjad123jmailcomgood
  • mimiblackbirdFeels good to see this ♡
  • yeseleon3What a BEAUTIFUL GIRL!! So nice to see this pix!!
  • tariqalkordyHappy birthday
  • sonia__grose😱❤😘😍👏👌👍Amazing
  • dianajo1Aww Gabriella is so cute! And your wig ,Melissa looks nice
  • tee_rickusShe doesn't wear a wig love #needsglasses
  • tonimonfilettowtf you're dumb as fuuuuck she doesn't wear a wig
  • njbesocialSuch a cute photo :)
  • c4milly_Lindos. Melissa. ****
  • meagleggLove soccer
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