Dear mom and dad,
You're really not gonna like this tattoo. My apologies 😜
  • brianheadwelchDear mom and dad,
    You're really not gonna like this tattoo. My apologies 😜

  • martinpantoyaIsrael
  • carls_11789@brianheadwelch Hey! I read your books, Save Me from Myself and your devotional when I was in high school and college! God has a lit a fire in you that is so contagious! Be encouraged! I'm glad to see you're still doin' what you love. My husband and I are truly moved by your testimony! Give our love to the rest of the guys too!!! XD
  • llayne44I'd like to know...what does it mean? @brianheadwelch
  • llayne44Oh ok cool thank you! @guiasaph
  • imarocknrollerGBU Brian :)
  • emac005Brian I've been watching your youtube video over and over about finding God. I've been working my ass off finding him and learning as much as I can about him and am just starting to see life for the first time.
  • thehomegrownfamWhat does it mean?
  • heyiambenjamin@emac005 Hey bro! I pray that you'll find the way to Jesus Christ!! In Jesus name Amen!!
  • emac005@benjieroach777 thanks man I appreciate that. God bless
  • God bless you on your journey. Personally I was once against God when I was younger but I am happy to say that even when I cursed God, He was faithful and still blessed me and never saw me with anger. I was just a very wounded person and I eventually fell, but I fell into the Grace of God and thus I returned to His Hand. The heart seeks to know the Lord and I pray that you will grow in understanding and learn the wonderful wisdom of God with time. Be patient with yourself and do not ever think for one second that God would ever smear you for mistakes. Do not let anyone deter you from the words of Jesus or His life and death and resurrection, it is in Christ that we find the process of becoming whole, the evolution of our souls and the metamorphosis of our heart from primal fleshly instinct to Godly character. May the Blood of Jesus wash over you from Heaven and break off anything that would try to mislead you 🙏☺️💛
  • emac005@nrodarte009 thank you God bless you
  • arise_2agapeHe has sealed the Windows to his soul with the name of the creator _ there is power in the name. I wonder what you will see.
  • alexandriastellamayx❤️ @brianheadwelch x
  • ziggyatall@lolatosta
  • lizzyasl146I would like to know a translation
  • shalomnunuSo beautiful ❤️
  • crazycurls4jesus❤️❤️❤️❤️ this!
  • inergy2001Hebrew?
  • diamondshard27What does it say?
  • irish_punk_1989@diamondshard27 thats what i like to know.
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