A moment of silence 4 the #1every15 elephants who r dying #stopivorytrade @iworrytrade rally 2day. @DSWT
  • kristinbauerA moment of silence 4 the #1every15 elephants who r dying #stopivorytrade @iworrytrade rally 2day. @DSWT

  • shantikay2016A powerful moment.
  • karij_71Sending love..
  • leaann_sdSo horrible how we treat the other souls we share this earth with. Thank you, @kristinbauer for spreading the word. 💜😞
  • luciabaezjsos lo maximo de mundo! poor elephants!
  • sophiecash@rainbowsorknives
  • lostgirlpics@rachelskarstenofficial
  • chlsbshLove!
  • evinfurrdaysHANDS OFF THE IVORY @ivorymurphy
  • missoldbringCruel world with cruel ppl! :(
  • sixteensevenseventysixCongrats and thank uou
  • sharonsrose13I sign the petitions and my twitter avatar is the kill the trade banner. Their wild animals not trinkets or medicinal Viagra. Keep the light focused on those doing good! :-)
  • 2013_lindawish we had this where I live.. cruel, thnks for post..
  • irenerogelioI love u !!!
  • vvveneciaI love you. Totally with you all here
  • jmtmstoneHow can we help?
  • jambojerAsk your elected officials to close the loopholes that are still allowing ivory to be sold in the USA
  • fancypantsmerThe gov't is actually working to close those loopholes. Obama asked for things to change in July and work had begun in Sept. Definitely look it up. Really the only ways to help are too spread the word, write the gov't, and never but anything ivory. IFAW has a ton of info on it, I'm running a conservation table at my zoo's elephant day tomorrow and learned a ton from that organization
  • fancypantsmerI only say had because I'm unsure of how the shutdown effects it
  • fancypantsmerWhat's scary, and what has caused the trade to recently worsen, is that war lords are now poaching and trading ivory for weapons, even groups linked to USA terrorism
  • ons1235That's sad
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