Tetsuo & Youth Preview Tour. Tickets on sale today! Get all the dates and info @ http://lupefiasco.com/tour 🔙
  • lupefiascoTetsuo & Youth Preview Tour. Tickets on sale today! Get all the dates and info @ http://lupefiasco.com/tour 🔙

  • pootsmcgootsJust bought my ticket for the show in New Orleans at Tipitinas, you probably don't check all these comments but I honestly never thought I'd get to see you live and now I will and it's gonna be an excellent night. Might be asking a lot but hopefully you can sign my "Food & Liquor" and "The Cool" vinyl too! You the best Lupe, keep on keepin on! FnF up!
  • miiichaelthearchangelIll be there december 4 in philly !
  • jbeastly99I'm just gonna say, this is a fact, I believe you are the second best rapper alive besides Eminem. Honestly.
  • omarpena5@asakiwi
  • asakiwiLol @omarpena5
  • ozzyg_f22Damn @lupefiasco your not coming to Florida !!! :/ oh well can't wait for your new album :) #tetsuoandyouth
  • harmonyrevisitedI may have to go to Cali to see you... Unless you come to Vegas :)
  • sherrwinn@lupefiasco one of my idol!
  • _cremebrulee_I love u lupe!!
  • sharpbjjloooooove you lupe!
  • yc_fteEmail me @lupefiasco fr I got some REAL music 4 you!! Isaiahji@yahoo.com
  • yc_fteChicago👈 @lupefiasco
  • 0rland0calic0I already got my tickets!!! See u in NY!!! @lupefiasco
  • knockaholicbeatz@lupefiasco what's a good email to send beats to
  • moeeljaroudi@mustaphaeljaroudi
  • saenmadmanAll black everything is one of the best song ever made.
  • dicky1985When u in performing in London!
  • ninjaarttworkId tap
  • consciousnessgeneralCalled the president a terrorist!!!! Corporate response is like..how the fuck you gonna embarrass us?! My attitude was like an afhhan boy with no home..blew that bitch up with a drone!
  • xxo.charHonesly, I don't think the media giving you the publicity you deserve, yet, that is a good thing because you're so famous, you're not famous. Get It? Meaning, so many people out here idolize you, they got mad respect for you, more than any other artist out here. You a champ. But the media don't see that. They so focused on rappers out here rappin about non sense. But as long as your fan base know what you doin, and commend you for doin it, thats all that matters, because the way the media is now days, they will try to tear you down before you can stand up. You are one of the few artist that I respect so much, and appreciate what you do. Because your music speak actual words. I listen to your lyrics, and I understand you. I know chances are you may not see this post, but its cool. Thats what fans do. They support you, even if you.don't notice them.
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