Passing along this from former #49ers QB BJ Daniels
  • 49erscamPassing along this from former #49ers QB BJ Daniels

  • goldandscarlet@bjdaniels5 your always gonna get those that gotta hate , fans turn on you just as quick (look at what's happening to kap). I'm gutted and pissed that not only your away but that your at Seattle but life goes on and as you say , you got mouths to feed. Don't think this will be your last move of your career as I think you have starter capabilities
  • woggywithitHe needs iOS 7
  • docsavage253We welcome you to the Hawks with open arms Brother don't worry about the hate that comes from the team that drafted you cause that's what we see all the time up here in the BEAUTIFUL PACIFIC NORTH WEST....
  • atpreis22@bjdaniels5 from across the pond in the UK: I was so disappointed to see the team make a stupid decision. You were awesome in the preseason and I was expecting so flea flickers with you and Kaep in the backfield. You are a much better prospect than Skelton and McCoy. Wish those guys the best but you should have had 2nd string. Good luck to you with the Hawks.
  • jaycee003@bjdaniels5 Thx for everything you did for the 49ers. U owe us fans nothing. Good luck in the league, hope u'll prosper wherever you end up!!
  • gshaw0790Welcome to the 12th man/Seahawks! So blessed to have u♥
  • wejapriestPeople need to understand this is a business. SEAHAWKS took advantage of a situation.
  • nsidc_49erfaithfulNow #seachicken have our offensive game plan... Fuck!
  • eddiebracy@nsidc_408 you must not have watched last game in SEA, they've HAD our gameplan and Roman is too f'n dumb to switch it up. Stacked receiver sets is all you have to do to counter their physicality, it's all HOU did in the first half
  • hybrid116Do it up Bj!!
  • dmackdaddyForgot to run spellcheck
  • jdenton38I wish we would have given them McCoy instead of Daniels. I am scratching my head on this one. He seemed like such a good fit with a great upside. I was thinking he was going to be our number 2 by now.
  • buddysma@jdenton38 I agree!
  • annette1752Didn't they sign another of our castoff QB's before we played them - Tolzien? How many fricken QB's does one team need??? Carroll seems to be getting desperate - either that, he just hasn't matured beyond high school. The way he picks up our former players is ridiculous!!!
  • alaskalady65Tolkien went to Green Bay and before start insulting people, get your facts straight and take a look at all the players Harbaugh has picked up from Seahawks. The last one he signed to a three year deal!
  • mrsjcraig2005I really liked Daniels as well, much better than McCoy I don't understand that choice, but no bad wishes, good luck hope it works out for him. I agree Annette.
  • tfox4821Ricardo Lockette, Chris Harper have been plucked by SF from the SEA practice squad. Both teams just being competitive and the players are just trying to better their lives and their business situation.
  • alaskalady65Exactly tfox!
  • eddieeds05It goes to show how ignorant people can be!!! Ninner fans have No class.
  • cfsdhwelcome young fella! Very nice to add you to a great team!
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