Erin Brady, aka @missusa, strikes a pose with @vanessahudgens at the #ULTAkiss party
  • ultabeautyErin Brady, aka @missusa, strikes a pose with @vanessahudgens at the #ULTAkiss party

  • _whatsername_28@makeupmilk I know, but so do a lot of other cancers. It's really good how they are supporting breast cancer, but I don't see anything that promotes the fight for any other cancer that are just as deadly. I know it's breast cancer awareness month, but next month is pancreatic cancer awareness month, and last month was childhood cancer awareness. During the previous and up coming months, I don't see anything besides pink ribbons and not enough for other cancers.
  • sheldofski15@xokaykay28xo breast cancer is extremely common. Yes there are other cancers that are just as deadly, but they are not nearly as prevalent as breast. 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point in their life. I don't really see another cancer that affects 12% of the population.
  • emma_b_17@xokaykay28xo There are organizations that support pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, and other types. I've seen a couple PSAs on T.V for guys to get screened for pancreatic cancer before. Just because you don't see them as much, doesn't mean they aren't out there.
  • makeupmilk... missed logic and repetition of the same argument... ... ...
  • tammegatron@xokaykay28xo over 178,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. That's more annual diagnoses than lung cancer, ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer and melanoma combined! So can you see why the beauty industry chooses to make a big deal over breast cancer awareness month? People in general usually tend to get involved in causes that affect them personally. And judging by the numbers I would say more people have been personally affected by breast cancer than any other cancer. That doesn't make the other cancers less tragic or less important, but they're just not going to get the same amount of recognition. If you feel so strongly about it then go do something to support the other causes instead of complaining about the cause someone else chooses to support.
  • tammegatronBesides, I gotta figure finding a cure for one type of cancer will only help lead to cures for the others as well. I'm no medical professional, but it seems logical.
  • makeupmilk@tammegatron THANK YOU..
  • emma_b_17@tammegatron Amen!
  • _whatsername_28@sheldofski15 actually a lot of cancers are just as prevalent as breast cancer. That's why they should also get a lot of support just like breast cancer.
  • _whatsername_28@tammegatron @emma_b_17 matter of fact I am doing something to help raise awareness for other cancers. I have done a lot and I am not just complaining. I know how horrible breast cancer is, but so are a lot others. Just because Breast cancer is the most well known, doesn't mean that all these other cancers are just as bad.
  • _whatsername_28@emma_b_17 I know there are organizations and support for other cancers, but they aren't as well known as they should be.
  • _whatsername_28@makeupmilk /\ /\ /\
  • emma_b_17@xokaykay28xo Other cancers should have more support, but they just don't. Breast cancer affects so many women, so there is just more support for it from people who have it and their friends and family. THAT'S JUST THE WAY IT IS. Ulta is a beauty store in which women shop and they are going to be drawn to support breast cancer because it affects more of their customers in some way, more than ovarian or cervical cancers or something else like that. THAT'S JUST THE WAY IT IS.
  • emma_b_17@xokaykay28xo I agree that it shouldn't be that way either, but it just is. So if you feel so strongly about it, stop complaining and go raise awareness somewhere else, not on the comments of an Instagram photo. Get over yourself.
  • _whatsername_28@emma_b_17 I DON'T JUST COMPLAIN ON INSTAGRAM ALL DAY!!! I've done a lot. So far I've raised 213 dollars for Pancreatic cancer and I am doing the walk for it in October. On my school's kickline team we but pink in our shoes for breast cancer, and I asked my coach if we also could put in purple in November for pancreatic cancer. I've done a lot and I plan on continuing to do more. How dare you be so mean. You don't know me. I am 13. I have been to WELL OVER 12 funerals/wakes in my life. Most have to do with cancer. Not only are you insulting me, but EVERYONE I know who has had cancer or died of it. Just stop. I don't wanna hear this crap anymore.
  • emma_b_17@xokaykay28xo You know what, I'm done. I really don't care. You don't know me either. I don't even know why I'm listening to your complaining. Buh-bye.
  • _whatsername_28@emma_b_17 FINALLY!
  • snarkierCancer is matter which diagnosis it's still a terrible monster. Step by step, little by little the funds are being raised to find a cure and that's what matters the most. Pediatric, pancreatic, lung, brain, bladder, the end of the day it's the person diagnosed that fights the fight of a lifetime so don't argue over which gets more towards raising the funds and remembering who we've lost & who is struggling at this moment. I'm pretty certain that's what counts! 👍💖
  • emilyhopefosterExtremely annoying and pointless argument.
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